Bellissimo Ratu, Sanur

Bellissimo Ratu, Sanur


Posted 2019-08-20 by Gerri Sfollow
Most holidaymakers only stay on the east side of the bypass; close to the beach. But when you venture over the road you'll discover a whole new side of Sanur and places to eat. And this is the reason why I have chosen to highlight Bellissimo Ratu. For me, there are plenty of good eateries in Sanur, so I only try to feature and visit ones that offer more than just food. This one fits that bill perfectly.

You may have driven past it a few times and not even realised what a fabulous location was hidden behind the parking area. If you arrive by car you may find it hard to park but there is room for mopeds.

Inside you'll find an airconditioned spacious room, with plenty of seating and a small craft stall. But my number one tip would be to head outside as that's where I feel the real beauty of Bellissimo Ratu is.

At the back of the property is a large open space. Here, there is plenty of al fresco dining options whether you fancy a normal table and chairs or low table pavilions. For me, the huge green area is a big draw. Meaning my friends and I can enjoy our meal while children play safely on the grassy lawn. Of course, running games and hide and seek are always fun, but the restaurant also has a few toys and books that they layout for children to play with. And you'll find shady spots throughout the day due to the tall trees.

On top of this, there's a little art studio. Throughout the week they hold workshops, as pictured, and one-off events like adult water painting or children's finger knitting. It's a good idea to follow their social media to keep up to date on what's happening. Or you can just simply turn up and pay a small fee to use the craft items if you're feeling creative.

Together with the art studio workshops, they also host plenty of other social events like carol services, live music and dance evenings.

And after all that, of course, there's the food. They have a great range of options from pizza and pasta to local Indonesian food. Together with a range of smoothies and health drinks and some pretty reasonably priced beers. In fact, that's another one of the big surprises with this place. It has an international feel, grand open space and varied menu but the prices are what I'd call local prices. Very reasonable. And on a personal level, we held my toddler's birthday party there recently and I was so very impressed with the buffet they put on. The presentation and quality were so much better than I expected and the price was the best I could find in town.

So, if you're venturing over the bypass or just want a good meal, in a relaxing location for a very fair price – Bellissimo Ratu is the answer.

If you visit, let me know what you think.

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