Bellissimo Coffee Bulimba

Bellissimo Coffee Bulimba


Posted 2016-12-08 by Jane Wongfollow

Can you tell me a bit about Bellissimo Coffee?

The team at Bellissimo Coffee are a young team comprised of self-proclaimed passionate and enthusiast coffee lovers with a strong desire to share their appreciation of coffee with as many people as they possibly can. Established in 2009, Bellissimo Coffee first started roasting coffee beans from their flagship store in Brisbane's Fortitude Valley in 2010, and have since become the current highest awarded coffee roaster in Australia. With their coffee being held in such high regard in the industry, your taste buds are bound to be in for a treat when you visit one of their stores! Their current list of awards include:

  • Champion Trophy and Gold Medal at the Sydney Royal Fine Food Awards
  • 2 Champion Trophies and 2 Gold Medals at the Melbourne Royal Fine Food Awards
  • Reserve Champion Trophy and 4 Gold Medals at the Royal Hobart Fine Food Awards
  • Overall Event Runner Up at the Golden Bean Roaster Competition
  • Champion Cold Brew and Champion Direct Trade at the Australian International Coffee Awards 2016.

  • Where can I find Bellissimo Coffee?

    Although this article will be focusing on Bellissimo Coffee's HQ and Cafe in Bulimba, Bellissimo can also be found in Fortitude Valley (30 Wandoo St) and New Farm (coffee kiosk in New Farm Park). Bulimba is located just 4 kilometres north-east of Brisbane's CBD, and is easily accessed by car within a 20 minute drive. It's close proximity to the city centre makes it convenient for those without a car to visit without spending half a day on public transport. There is also plenty of street parking in adjacent streets surrounding Bellissimo Coffee, which is located on Oxford Street. Bellissimo strives to provide customers with great coffee all year round - they are open 365 days a year, including public holidays, at all three of their locations, including, of course, Bellissimo Coffee in Bulimba.

    What was the ambience like at Bellissimo Coffee in Bulimba?

    Bellissimo was buzzing with people and energy despite being very early in the morning on a weekday when we visited. There were heaps of people popping in for a takeaway coffee before work, but there were also lots of people sitting down and relaxing with close friends and family - dogs too! Despite all the awards that Bellissimo Coffee has won, the vibe that the cafe in Bulimba gave off was 'simplicity', 'modesty' with a relaxing ambience, even despite the hustle and bustle of customers floating in and out.

    What food and drinks are available at Bellissimo Coffee in Bulimba?

    Of course, seeing as Bellissimo Coffee is a renowned coffee roaster, their coffee menu is as extensive as it gets - as long as it's a type of coffee, they've got it! This includes cold drip coffee (slowly brewed over 24 hours), iced coffee (latte, mocha, chocolate, long black, or affogato), and cold press bottles (full cream or straight black). They also have a range of teas available. Bellissimo Coffee encourages customers to tag them on Instagram via @BellissimoRoast - we'll be sure to do that!

    Although Bellissimo do not do full-blown meals (their main focus is on coffee), customers can still enjoy some food with their excellent coffees. Bellissimo offers toast (white or rye) with a wide range of condiments (avocado, ham, tomato, cheese, vegemite, jam, peanut butter), in addition to croissants (plain or with ham and cheese). If none of these options take your fancy, Bellissimo also have a range of cold breads that can be heated on request, including grilled chicken and avo, chilli chicken turkish, bacon and egg muffin, turkey, cranberry and brie bagel, and vege wraps, just to list a few. Please note that availability of these breads may differ on a day to day basis.

    How did you find the food and drinks at Bellissimo Coffee in Bulimba?

    Between two people and a dog, we ordered an iced coffee and an English Breakfast tea for drinks, and avocado on white toast and a ham and cheese croissant. The iced coffee lived up to Bellissimo's Coffee as being Australia's most highly awarded coffee roaster, and the English Breakfast tea was equally good. I love how the English Breakfast tea was presented, in a rustic mini kettle and with the loose leaves in a separate cup that you need to place into the kettle yourself. The food was also good - I was pleasantly surprised by the generous amount of avocado spread on my two pieces of toast!

    Is Bellissimo Coffee in Bulimba dog friendly?

    Yes! We saw heaps of other owners with their dogs at Bellissimo - Eddy was happy to make lots of new doggy friends. Bellissimo have also kindly provided a communal water bowl for all doggy patrons to share. Best of all, Bellissimo has a jar of dog treats that they encourage owners to give to their dogs - yes please, no need to ask twice! The free dog treats definitely put Bellissimo way up there on Eddy's favourite list of cafes. Thanks Bellissimo!

    Is there anything else worth noting about Belissimo Coffee in Bulimba?

    If you're a coffee lover and would like to be up to date with Bellissimo Coffee, Bellissimo Coffee welcome all to subscribe to their email newsletter invite you to keep up to date with Bellissimo Coffee by subscribing to our email newsletter. Throughout the year we feature Bellissimo Coffee news, product updates, special promotions and competitions! here . Throughout the year, Bellissimo Coffee will send their subscribers news updates, product updates, in addition to special promotions and competitions.

    Thanks for having us Bellissimo, and an extra big thank you for the free dog treats - see you again soon!

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