Beauty on a Budget Macadamia Oil

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Posted 2012-12-02 by Chrissyfollow
Beauty on a Budget – Macadamia Oil

A passing comment from a friend during a lively discussion on effective natural hair-care products brought macadamia oil to my attention. My dry and frizzy hair does not seem to benefit from store-bought frizz-control products, and I find olive oil a little viscous and greasy for daily use. So I purchased a small bottle of macadamia oil from the local supermarket and gave it a go. I used it in three different ways.

Leave-in Treatment**
After transferring some of the oil into a spray bottle, I squeezed a small amount (about 3 to 4 quick pumps, or the size of a kidney bean) into my palm and warmed it up by rubbing my palms together. I applied the oil to my damp hair, ran my fingers through them to make sure the oil was evenly distributed and let my hair dry naturally.

I tried also it as a frizz-control serum on dry hair. This was a little tricky as it took a little trial and error to get the correct amount of oil. Eventually, I discovered that one small pump worked wonders on my ends.

Scalp and Hair Massage
I have heard that massaging olive oil onto the scalp helps to moisturize the scalp and hair. I decided to try this with macadamia oil one day. I parted my hair in sections and, using the spray bottle, applied the oil directly to the scalp and massaged it in. I also applied some to my dry ends for an extra boost. After going round the whole head, I pinned my hair up in a bun left it on for about 30 minutes for the oil to be absorbed. You can leave it on longer if you like. I then washed my hair as normal.

The results were amazing! After the leave in treatment, my hair was softer, more manageable and the ends were less dry than usual. The natural waves I have are more defined and looked great. The oil worked well as a serum as it did not leave my hair greasy, as was the case with olive oil. The scalp and hair massage gave an overall boost to my hair. I was amazed at the effect and could not stop running my fingers through my hair. I was very delighted with the results. I have since gladly retired my old serum to that great salon in the sky, and switched to using macadamia oil exclusively.

What I liked about the oil**
Macadamia oil has a lovely nutty fragrance and is lighter in 'weight' than olive oil. I was thrilled that I could use it every day without smelling like a salad. It was also more easily absorbed by my hair than olive oil, leaving my hair feeling light and non-greasy. Since this is a natural product, I don't need to worry about chemical build-up in my hair. Also, compared to the beauty prooducts out there, a 500ml bottle costs very little and goes a very long way. If you find that macadamia oil does not work for you, no worries as the oil also goes very well in a salad.

Final Tips
I found that using a little spray bottle helps give you control over the amount that you need. An alternative would be a container with a little dropper. Also, do give some time for trial and error. My hair is dry hence it can take quite a bit of oil. Those with oily hair might want to start by using less than the amounts stated here. I suspect that macadamia oil would also be good as cuticle oil or a moisturizer, but I have yet to try those. Pamper yourself this weekend and give macadamia oil a go. I would love to know how you went.

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