Beautiful Shoes

Beautiful Shoes


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One of the hardest things about having large feat, is that it's very difficult to find shoes. The same can really be said if your feet fall anywhere outside the realm of being perfectly normal. Long feet. Wide feet. Small feet. Skinny feet. They all have their own issues. So if you've ever suffered the woes of hard to find shoes you might want to consider a trip to .

The walls of the shop are lined with rows upon rows of shoes. These are your inspiration. You can sort through them all till you find a pair you like, and then have them tailor made just for you. But it doesn't stop there, you can also bring along your own pictures, or even your own designs, and they'll do their best to bring them to life.

You've got the best bet of getting their pair of shoes you're after if you pick from the designs already in store. These are the designs and shoes that the store is already familiar with. If you come in with a picture from a magazine they'll do their best to recreate it, but sometimes the finished product might not be quite what you imagined.

After picking your style, you've then got to pick your colours. There are swatches of leather and suede, in almost every colour imaginable. You can use any combinations you want, or just stick with a single colour. It's your chance to become the designer, but without the hefty price tag you'd usually face. You've also got to pick a heel. There are drawers filled with them, and it's up to you to pick the one you'd prefer. Unfortunately there aren't many towering heels, which can mean you can be a bit limited with some high heel styles.

Then they'll measure your foot, take down all of your specifications, and you'll be on your merry way. Usually you can pick your shoes up in a few days.

Obviously, there are some limitations. Some shoes won't look like what you've pictured, and sometimes despite all your measurements being taken a pair still won't fit. If you know your feet face any common problems, make sure you point this out. If you've got wide feet you might need to mention it, or if you know one of your feet is bigger than the other, get them to measure both. You'll get a chance to try on the shoes before you pay for them, so if there are problems they can usually get fixed up, as long as you're not rushing out of Cambodia straight away.

There might be a language barrier at times if you're speaking English, but they're very helpful and they'll try their best to get things right.

Sure the shoes might not always turn out perfect, but they're a steal for leather shoes, and you'll always get very friendly service. If it's your first time don't go all out on a huge purchase, start with one pair, and after that you work out what problems they might have with your feet.

It's not guaranteed to solve all of your shoe-shopping woes, but at around $10-$20USD a pair it's worth a shot.

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