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Posted 2015-01-23 by David Michaelfollow
I have recently touched on my love (read addiction) for coffee in a previous review of Brisbane CBD's Coffee Depot that you can find here .

And while Coffee Depot has become my daily afternoon escape from work, there are many other places in Brisbane's CBD, hidden gems so to speak, where you can find excellent coffee.

Bean is literally one of these hidden gems. Blink and you'll miss it. Meander along without a heightened sense of awareness and you'll likely miss the few signs that point to its existence. It is no surprise that Bean's growing customer base can be largely attributed to word-of-mouth recommendations rather than aggressive advertising or marketing.

Bean is located at 181 George St in Brisbane's CBD, behind a little alleyway between Irish Murphy's and Flight Centre. The approach to Bean's entrance gives some small clues as to what to expect once you finally arrive, with the walls of the alley lined with some Bean inspired street art.

Having heard about its award winning coffee and its hidden and almost secretive nature, it was with a sense of anticipation that I wandered down the alley, turned left and walked downstairs into its mysterious basement interior.

I was greeted by Bean's creator, the South African born barista, Gavin"Hello, hello. A top of the morning to you sir!" (try imagining this with Gavin's thick South African accent)

Gavin's airy banter was a perfect contrast to Bean's narrow and intimate interior. Bean has a distinct 'hipster' vibe and décor. While it particularly appeals to this sub-culture, Bean welcomes coffee lovers from all walks of life who want to sample its amazing coffee.

Bean is so different to your typical city café that it took me a few seconds to remember that I had come for coffee, and not just to satisfy my curiosity. I ordered my usual cappuccino and Gavin immediately got to work, making obvious his extensive barista experience – I really felt like my coffee was in the hands of a pro.

Bean uses charismatic fair trade Campos coffee, featuring both single origin beans and a variety of blends. The beans are sourced from specially selected farms in Asia, Africa and South America. Don't be afraid to ask for and try the different beans and blends available.

When it arrived, it was everything I was hoping for. Deliciously smooth coffee. If you can spare the time, take a seat and enjoy the world beating coffee in Bean's unique and funky atmosphere. Once you leave, the reality of your daily routine will become all the more apparent.

Until the next time you visit.

Since its humble beginnings, Bean has grown beyond its sole coffee focus and has now expanded its beverage offerings and its opening times. Mid-week after work drinks or a quiet Friday night can now include Bean's select hand crafted beers and micro-produced single vineyard wine offerings.

If you're a coffee lover of any description, do yourself a favour and find your way to Bean. It won't be Brisbane's hidden gem forever.

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