Bean Box Espresso Bar

Bean Box Espresso Bar


Posted 2016-10-29 by Jane Wongfollow

One of the 'greenest' coffee shops around, officially opened in July 2015 with "THE best coffee in the world served with humility". Located on Boundary Street, the heart of the fusion of cultures and a mix of vintage and alternative that make up the community of West End, has made a home for themselves in this thriving community, in just a short period of time.

In fact, Bean Box is roomies with Good Time Bar , making them a cafe by day and bar by night. Good Time Bar is the "home of Brisbane's friendliest bartenders who love, live and breathe music". True to their self-introduction, this space is lent out free of charge for local artists. Their interior is inspired by old records and funky art, which complement each other perfectly. In addition to their unique design, Good Time Bar actually encourage you to BYO food - with free chips thrown in the mix too!

Back to , I was impressed by how friendly (and fast!) the service was - in fact, one of the staff brought out a water bowl for Eddy almost immediately after seeing him. Fun fact - when I messaged Bean Box on Facebook, turns out two of the dog bowls had mysteriously gone missing, which is why water for dogs is now provided in a cereal bowl. That's innovative thinking right there.

I ordered a soy cap (the only coffee I've ordered for the past 4 years), whereas my friend ordered an iced coffee. Both coffees were ready just minutes after we ordered; I was impressed by how fast service was! My soy cap was perfect - I love it when there is a distinct taste of soy milk in my coffee, which there was. My friend, who doesn't normally like coffee, said something along the lines of "coffee tastes a lot better than I thought". I think Bean Box has officially recruited a new fan for the caffeine addicts club. To add to our personal experience of the coffees at Bean Box, in addition to the 'cool chick from Gold Coast' (pictured above), Bean Box's customers, who also attest to the quality of coffee served here, hail from all the way over in Finland.

There is plenty of seating, both indoor and outdoor, available at Bean Box, despite being relatively small in size. There is even an option for seating on an elevated patio; a great place to people watch the bustling streets of West End. Outdoor seating is always my favourite though, because they're nearly always dog friendly. At Bean Box, outdoor seating is simple and minimalistic, but very arty and innovative at the same time. With kegs as tables and plastic crates (using coffee sacks as seat covers), you really couldn't think of a more unique (and eco-friendly) design without breaking the bank.

In addition to their outdoor seating practically yelling out loud 's passion for being environmentally friendly, Bean Box also recycle your coffee cups for you. No, they don't rinse out the takeaway coffee cups and use them again for the next customer, but instead, they rinse out your coffee cups and chuck them in the recycling bin for you. They also have one of the most original and ingenious ideas for recycling I have come across - the 'bucket exchange'. To get a free bucket of coffee grounds, simply leave an empty bucket in exchange, for Bean Box to fill up for then next person. Coffee grounds can be recycled and used in many ways, including: fertiliser for the garden, compost, exfoliation, dye, diffusion of food odor, caffeinated soap, and, apparently, as a treatment for cellulite!

Thank you so much for having us, and for doing more than your fair share for our environment. is definitely not your average local cafe.

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