Bass Coast Summer Show 2024

Bass Coast Summer Show 2024


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Sat 06 Jan 2024

Always the first of the season, the Bass Coast Summer Agricultural Show is back in 2024. Escape the city. Take a day trip in this picturesque area often described as Melbourne’s playground for a truly country day out. The show was first run here in 1884 and has been held almost every year since. Why stop at just a day though, take a weekend or treat yourself to a longer holiday?

The core theme of the show is the celebration of excellence in agriculture, but it expands beyond this to present a well-rounded day of family entertainment. You can expect horses, carts, dogs, poultry, an animal nursery, stilt walkers, clowns, music, rides, games, show bags, eats and drinks, a top-class ute and 4x4 show, tractors, old-fashioned equipment, a blacksmith demonstration, live music, garden produce, scarecrows, decorated gum boots, and photos.

DO THE BABY ANIMALS GET CUTER EVERY YEAR?. If you have children in tow, you can’t go past the Show Farmyard and Animal Nursery. There will be the usual oohs and aahs as they get to pat these adorable creatures.

WHAT’S A SHOW WITHOUT THE RIDES, GAMES, SHOWBAGS, EATS AND DRINKS. Of course, there will be show bags, tradition demands it. Children will be drawn to these and to the rides and bouncing experiences. Pop balls in the mouths of moving clown heads, fish or throw to win prizes. Choose from a huge variety of food and drink trucks. What will be your fancy? Ice-creams, paella, dumplings, chips, pies, pasties, sandwiches, milkshakes, coffee or something else? Don’t miss the gaily clad stilt walker moving around the show grounds with the greatest of dexterity.

HOW MANY TYPES OF POULTRY CAN THERE BE? I don’t keep chooks myself, but I never miss a visit to the poultry shed. Until you have seen for yourself, you cannot imagine the variety of chooks and ducks. There are over seventy sections to enter! Sashes are awarded in eleven categories. What amazing colours and feather patterns you will see. Note the iridescence of the feathers of proud and regal roosters.

DO YOU KNOW THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A DONKEY AND A MULE. Do you know the difference between a donkey and a mule? Donkeys are descendants of the African wild ass and mules are the prodigy of a male donkey and a female horse. But you don’t need to know that to enjoy the Donkey and Mule Feature Show.

I JUST LOVE WATCHING THE HORSES. While the main show day is Saturday, equestrian activities continue into Sunday. I am not a horse person but nonetheless I find these animals and their riders impressive.

I’M NOT A REV-HEAD BUT THESE UTES AND 4X4s ARE REALLY SOMETHING. The ute show is a personal favourite. The owners of this impressive display of vehicles who are often on hand for a chat have worked hard on their displays. Rugged and grubby or polished to a dazzling shine, adorned with flags or painted artistic or humorous, each has its own look.

When:Saturday 6th January 2024 from 9am
Where: Wonthaggi Recreationnal Reserve, Korumburra, Wonthaggi. (Between Strickland Street and Wentworth Road.)
Cost: Tickets are available at the gate. Adults, teenagers, aged and disabled pensioners $5 and children 12 and under for free.
Facebook Page: Bass Coast—Wonthaggi—Summer Show

HOW TO GET TO WONTHAGGI AND WHERE TO STAY. Wonthaggi is just under two hours from the Melbourne CBD and about an hour from Cranbourne, along the South Gippsland and Bass Highways. It’s close enough for a comfortable day trip, but if you want a longer stay check out the Wonthaggi Motel or the MJ McMahon Motel in Wonthaggi or The Kilcunda Ocean View Motel in Kilcunda for accommodation. There are a variety of places to eat including the Wonthaggi Workmen’s Club.

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