Barista Courses in Melbourne

Barista Courses in Melbourne


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Does it ever bother you when cafes do not know the difference between a cappuccino, a latte, and a flat white? If this sounds like you, or someone you know, there is a way to learn how to brew the perfect espresso every time. Melbourne has a reputation around Australia for having fabulous food, wine and of course, coffee. It's no surprise that this city is also home to numerous coffee schools. These barista courses teach coffee making skills for caffeine enthusiasts or for those who want to break into the hospitality industry.

Barista Basics

This barista school, located at 108 Bourke Street in the CBD, claims to be Australia's Leading Coffee Academy. They offer two courses including a three-hour long session for $120, and a five-hour long accredited TAFE course for $250. The second course is great if you want to find work as a barista, but you can do this longer course just for fun if you want to. There are also chocolate courses onsite, if all that caffeine just isn't enough.

The Espresso School

This school offers a few more options, as far as course types go. From a three-hour long basics course, to a three-hour long advanced barista course. If you are already confident in your ability to froth up a cappuccino, there is also a latte art class. In this two-hour long course for $150, you can learn to pour the heart in the top of a latte to show your romantic side.

The Coffee School

Located at 593 Elizabeth Street (near the Victoria Markets), offers two accredited barista certificates. Prices start from $80 for level 1, and $120 for level 2, depending on how many people there are in the class.

All of these barista schools offer gift vouchers, which is the perfect gift for your caffeine-addicted loved one. There are many more barista training courses around Melbourne; these three are just a few of the more popular and accredited courses. You can use the skills that you learn in these courses to get a job, or to impress your friends at your next dinner party.

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