Bar Rock Lookout & Australia Rock- Narooma

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Posted 2015-04-18 by Gypsy Rosefollow
There are many lookouts that capture your heart and become a memorable view that you will take away with you forever, and Bar Rock Lookout at the very picturesque Narooma in Far South Coast of New South Wales happens to be one of those lookouts that you will admire in awe and will always want to come back to.

This Lookout has it all from the spectacular breathtakingly beautiful views, vantage points, abundance of wildlife to spot out, walks and of course a very interesting and unique rock formation.

Located just two minutes drive from Narooma Town Wharf, Bar Rock Lookout can be found.

There is so much beauty to this Lookout, making it difficult to just pin point out one highlight!

As you walk up the 'well kept' timber stairs you are greeted with interpretive signs with cetacean identification (whales and dolphins), and you completely understand why these signs are placed here; as you further pass the signs the views steal your breath away...

Bar Rock Lookout is an excellent vantage point to spot out the majestic creatures of the sea: Whales. Whales during their migration and also the very cute and friendly dolphin can be spotted here too.

Fur seals also pass this Lookout and occasionally decide to take a rest at the rocks below (we spotted a couple soaking up the sun's rays).

The walk down or up to the wharf and the rocks is extravagant and if you enjoy photography, then you will be in heaven with this Lookout. With many surrounding views of the ocean to the marina, the rocks and rock formations- you can easily spend a few hours capturing the beauty.

Another highlight and spectacular sight is the 'Australia Rock' rock formation at the wharf, this can be seen at the bar crossing at Wadonga Head, where the inlet empties into the sea. This accidental creation was created many years ago when a ship was tied to the rock with large chains to prevent it from washing away. The chains wore away the rock during rough seas and today it is known as 'Australia Rock' due to the unique and very impressive formation.

Down at the bottom of the Lookout you can explore the Rock Pools and the marine life that call these pools home, do keep an eye out for the fur seals that sun bathe on the rocks.

The cliffs are rugged adding to the beauty of this Lookout and with the impressive views surrounding it this is undoubtedly a Lookout you must add to the bucket list!

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