The Bannockburn Railway Hotel

The Bannockburn Railway Hotel


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The Railway Hotel, Bannockburn

I'm really getting into reviewing pubs, clubs and restaurants, cafes, bars and events. My aim is to go to at least one food venue a week, and then write up a review of that venue.

On Sunday, due to the Battle of Bannockburn Festival being held in Bannockburn, Victoria, I thought I would eat at the Railway Hotel Bannockburn, write a review, take photos, and attend the Battle of Bannockburn Market at the Bannockburn Golf Club, in no particular order.

At about 12.00 noon, I dragged (nay enticed) my friend out of bed, got him motivated and we headed out to Bannockburn. The enticement was that I was paying for the meal and a beer. It was getting close to 1.00pm by the time we arrived in Bannockburn (and I always thought women took a long time to get ready). From Geelong you travel down the Ballarat Highway, past Batesford, and turn off to your left to Bannockburn. It takes about 25 minutes (or less) to travel from Corio to Bannockburn. It's a distance of about 21 kilometres.

Bannockburn itself was fairly busy, it being the weekend of the Battle of Bannockburn. We decided to eat first and then head out to the golf course, to the outdoor market.

I parked behind the Railway Hotel. We walked in off the side street and into the bar. My first impression was "wow". The hotel is clean, with what looks like the original bar and building, and it looks like the dining area at the back of the pub may have been built on. It is a huge hotel, and as I walked through, checking out the place, my photographers eyes on, my authors brain ticking over, I was just stunned. From the side entrance there is a large bar area, with a pool table, a TAB area, and some tables and chairs for bar menu dining.

Keep on walking and there are little separate dining areas dotted throughout the pub. There is a courtyard which is a combined smoking area, beer garden, dining area out the front, with glass partitioning to keep the wind off your back. It was a bit cold to eat out there yesterday (Sunday 22nd June 2014) so we ate in the bar.

From the bar, I kept walking til I found the large dining room, and the kitchen. It really is a big hotel and it feels like it keeps on going forever. You could easily hold a big function in the large dining area at the back.

We ordered chicken parmigiana. I had salad and chips with mine, while my friend had vegetables and chips with his. Our parmies were excellent. The chicken was well cooked, not over cooked. The topping was amazing. My salad was nice with a lovely salad dressing, and the chips were crisp. The vegetables looked great too and my friend ate most of his vegetables. (He's not much of a greens man so I was impressed that he ate it all.) Wait til you read my review of chicken parmis in Geelong. I think the Railway Hotel, Bannockburn will rate highly!

**What's On - Special Offers - Menus - Raffles
Tired of cooking tea on a Monday night? Monday Night at the Railway Hotel the menu is 12 for $12.00, that's 12 different meals on offer at $12.00 each. How's that for good value?

1. Crumbed Snags
2. Lamb Fry and Bacon
3. Beef Lasagne
4. Chicken Schnitzel
5. Beer Battered Flake
6. Spaghetti Bolognaise
7. Nachos
8. Southern Fried Chicken
9. Rissoles and Bacon
10. Chicken Risotto
11. Chicken Puttanesca
12. Chilli Beef Stir Fry

Please note that the 12 for $12 menu items are smaller portions than traditional menu servings. Check out the Railway Hotel Facebook page for further descriptions of the 12 menu items above.

Friday Night at the Railway Hotel

Come for the Happy Hour from 5.00pm till 7.00pm. Raffle Tickets are available for purchase from 5.00pm onwards.

Like most of the hotels I have been reviewing lately, especially the country hotels, there is a lot happening through the week.

Thursday Nights at the Railway Hotel - Cocktail nights and Singles Night. Are you the Farmer who wants a wife? Tired of looking for love in all the wrong places? Come try your luck at the Railway Hotel on a Thursday night.

Choose from 3 different cocktails, play a tune on the jukebox, join in the ice breaker games and activities. Enjoy a good laugh and quality entertainment. No age limits (unless you are under 18 of course).

Tuesday and Wednesday night Parmi's with a difference

Tuesday and Wednesday night parmigianas are still available from 6.00pm in the bar and lounge. 10 parmigianas at $15.00 each.

As I don't want to write a total review of each and every thing on at the pub, you can also check out their Bannockburn Railway Hotel Facebook page for more details or head on out there yourself, for some country hospitality. I did notice that there is a children's play area beside the dining area. I didn't get to go play in it so I can't review it. I did get brave and ask the barman if I could take photos of the pub, this time!

If you enjoy reading my reviews, if you find them helpful (or not) please leave a comment. I would like to know what people think of my reviews, and I hope you enjoyed reading this article.

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