Bali Wake Park

Bali Wake Park


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I love the . Perfectly situated halfway between Kuta and Sanur with easy access from the toll road, it makes for a fun and energising day out.

Now, before I start, there are actually two locations within the . Aqualand and The Cable Park. In fact, I would even go further and say that there are four or five parts to the but I'll cover them later.

Let's start with Aqualand. Think, giant inflatable obstacle course. On water! It's your opportunity to harness your inner Ninja Warrior and see if you can make it around without getting wet. To be honest, if you do, you're missing out on the most fun part. There are bits to slide down, jump off, climb up, run around, swing across and bounce on! It's brilliant for the whole family. With that said, if there are other children there, which there usually is, my daughter normally joins them for a game of tag/tig or races! Which is fine by me as it means I get a rest!

The Aqualand is 100% fun but of course, safety is equally important. Everyone must wear a life jacket, but there are also two lifeguards on the 'course' at all times. Plus I've seen if it gets busy a third lifeguard walks along the path by the water.

The other big attraction is 'The Cable'! To the side of Aqualand is a huge five-hectare lake. Around that lake is a cable system that has to be seen to be believed. From the starting point, which is built to be accessible to both children over 6 and adults, you will hold onto the cable handle and be pulled around the lake. You may choose to kneeboard, wakeboard or even waterski.

Children 6 to 8 are only permitted to kneeboard and must be confident swimmers.

If it's your first time, don't worry. After the short safety video, there is a second, shorter cable that is a straight line. From point A directly to point B with no corners. This is where you'll practice to build your confidence.

If you're a little more advanced there are white obstacles on the main course that you may ride along or jump off!

And it goes without saying, no matter your level of expertise it's highly likely that you'll fall off at some point once you are on the main cable. No problem. Once you have calmly swam the very short distance to shore, a small buggy will come and pick you up. This not only saves on time but makes it easier as carrying the board can be hard somethings.

They really have thought of everything. Plus safety is a must as there is the video watch and life jackets and helmets for all. But there is more …

It's really important that I'm clear that it's FREE to enter this site. You only pay if you choose to partake in an activity. And this is, for me, where the third and fourth attractions of the are found; relaxing and swimming. And perhaps the fifth highlight are the restaurant areas too!

There are large open spaces lined with picnic tables (although you can't bring your own food.) You'll also find sun beds, bean bags, a shop and two eating areas. On top of all this there's even a good size infinity pool.

So if you don't want to or simply can't enjoy the main attractions you can still enjoy the views as your family entertains you with their skills. You can still relax with a drink or a dip in the pool. This allows you to choose to do as much or as little as you want. Sometimes we even just do an hour in the Aquapark, then enjoy some lunch, relax, play on the grassy area and have a swim to make it a half-day out.

Just to mention the menu at is what you would expect. Mainly fried food, with some local dishes and plenty of drink choices. It's slightly expensive but we normally order one meal and share as they are a good size.

When it comes to tickets and costs there are plenty of options. The big question and perhaps the hardest of the day, is how long do you think you'll stay. We've really experimented with this. Our favorite ticket is the one hour on the Aqualand and one hour on The Cable. As my daughter isn't old enough to stand yet she now prefers to spend longer on the Aqualand and not do the cable. She has been known to spend over 2 hours on Aqualand in one day! Perhaps a combination ticket is the best option to start with? Then once you get a feel for what you prefer doing, change it to either one or two hours or a full day. Or any number of the packages.

TOP TIP If you are new to the cable it's really important to note the cable speeds alternates between 'slow' and fast. (Slow still feels pretty fast to me!) If you want the slow hour make sure you have paid for your ticket, got your jacket, watched the safety video etc before the hour starts. For example, the first hour of the day is slow. If you arrive at 10, buy your ticket, get ready etc you may find that you don't scan on for your cable hour until 10.30. As you can't stop, start your hour you would need to do 30 minutes at the fast speed.

We normally arrive early then do an hour on the Aquapark, then rest, snack etc and then do the 12o'clock slow speed.

No matter what you choose you'll have a wet, fun filled day in glorious Bali.

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