Balance - Book Review

Balance - Book Review


Posted 2014-02-11 by Ryan Metcalfefollow
The best things in life are free, unless you actually want to do something other than sit still, or sing to yourself. I can't think of anything else that is free, that I would like to do at this very moment. Reading is free. Yes. But unless you write it yourself, and then read it back to yourself, you're going to have to buy a book. Even if you do write it yourself, you've still got to buy a pen and paper. So, you get my point.

Is it possible to find free books on the Internet though? Yes. Are they any good? 98% of the time, no. There's a website that I've come across, called Smashwords . It's an okay website with some questionable titles, such as: How to get your Wife to Cuckold you. A Husbands Guide to turn your Wife into a Hotwife or Cuckoldress ; Alive, or Just Breathing ; Or most questionably: White Wife in the Hood: An Interracial Cuckold Story .

Smashwords is smorgasbord of strange books that cost 2 - 5 dollars, and sometimes for free. There are a lot of books on this site. Some good, mostly bad. But once in a while, a shining light comes along to reveal that there is untapped talent in the world. A book that entertains, thrills, and makes you feel bad for reading it for free.

Such is the competition of authors on the internet these days, a lot of incredible writers are putting their books on the internet for free, in the hope that it will garner the attention of publishers who are bombarded with submissions all day. One of these such writers, is Marc Dickason , and his book, Balance - Book One .

Balance is, according to Smashwords, a story about Jet Clarence, a man who has the gift of supernatural power thrust upon him; power that has massive destructive and manipulative potential. On his journey to harness these new abilities, and avoid them consuming his mind, he will be introduced to a previously unseen underworld of violence, deception and horrific demons.

Though the synopsis focuses mainly on the good vs. evil sort of fantasy part of the book, it doesn't stress enough how personal the journey is. Written from the lead characters' perspective, you are lead into the mind of Jet Clarence, who is thrust unwillingly into something scarier and more challenging than anything I could imagine doing myself.

Normally, this is not my kind of book. It's extremely well written and the fantasy is as fantastical as you can imagine. There are some truly thrilling moments but what caught my attention was the author's willingness to share very intimate, sincere thoughts of the lead character. It's not about demons or fantasy; it's about a man trying to deal with issues from the past. If you take the demons as a metaphor, you're left with a very thought provoking human story. One that I could relate to, and according to the feedback the book is getting, a lot of other readers are feeling to.

And it's free. It almost feels like stealing when I come across a book this good, when I've paid so much for books that I haven't had the interest to finish reading. I guess it's like the title; the book is about finding balance between lingering on the past, and living in the moment. The Balance may also be, to put a great book out into the world for free, and get recognised by enough readers to attract the attention of a publisher, who no doubt will find this author talented and full of potential.

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