Japanese Forest Bathing at Balaclava Beach

Japanese Forest Bathing at Balaclava Beach


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Nature has never failed to mesmerise our human world for the longest time with millions of tourists travelling across the world in order to see for themselves what mother nature has to offer. However, it seems that our natural world does not merely pose as mere aesthetic visuals.

In 1982, the Japanese Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries created the term shinrin-yoku. The term emerged in Japan in the 1980s as a physiological and psychological exercise² called "forest bathing" or "taking in the forest atmosphere". As magical as it sounds, it seems that our mother nature has been catering for our welfare for so long.

With our modern world, in the past year, 74% of people have felt so stressed they have been overwhelmed or unable to cope¹. It seems as if connecting to nature is more significant than ever.

As a matter of fact, at the bottom of the Indian Ocean lies a small island filled with the just natural elements needed to heal.

In fact, the North is full of beaches that are as healing as ever. Firstly, I can guarantee you that a stroll in the early hours of the morning at Balaclava beach palliates any stress present.

Aside from offering a serene landscape, there are some parking spaces and some trees are available for shade. It is a quiet beach close to five-star resorts such as the Oberoi Beach Resort, which is a one-minute walk from the beach and The Ravenala Attitude Hotel, which is a nine-minute walk.

Let's not forget about the great little food shop Sunset Cabanne, where one can get traditional Mauritian foods. They even offer barbeque pits for a good barbeque night!

The beach even offers a multitude of beach activities available for rent and often, it is a key area for camping lovers to pitch their tents. Nevertheless, the only downside is that no public toilets are available.

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