Baking Days with Gillian Bell - Cake Girl

Baking Days with Gillian Bell - Cake Girl


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**Baking Days with Gillian Bell are held in her home throughout the year.

Gillian Bell is a true Domestic Goddess. Vintage wedding cake maker and all round extraordinary cook, this gal knows her stuff. Gillian is the kind of woman that I find completely inspiring; modern yet with the right touches of old fashioned. She grows her own organic flowers and lemons, cumquats and salad leaves, all in her tiny garden, to use in her amazing creations. She shells her own almonds in order to make almond meal and churns her own butter from cream she buys from a local South East Queensland dairy farmer.

Gillian buys local and organic whereever she can and counts a string of farmers as her friends, who supply her with the most heavenly milk and cream, the plumpest berries, and the finest organic stoneground flour.

Aside from her handmade vintage wedding cakes, Gillian holds regular Baking Days at her home in Ashgrove and she describes them thus;

%%"My Baking Days recreate simpler times when the oven was turned on for the day and baked goods were prepared for the week ahead. The biscuit tin was replenished, the freezer stocked with a variety of pies and a special cake or tart prepared for tea. It's my contribution to keeping home-baking alive and well, and sharing the pleasure of baking in our everyday lives. And nothing shop-bought tastes as good as home-baked!"

I have been to one of her baking days and found it to be an utterly enjoyable day. Jam packed with baking, everything from biscuits and scones, to chocolate cake and pavlova, we also made pastry (an infallible one I might add!), for our sweet and savoury pies. Gillian will tailor the day according to what you would like to learn to cook and she fills it with her life time of expertise and handy hints that one could never glean from any book. It is a day for anyone and everyone. No matter your level of skill or understanding, Gillian guides you effortlessly through the magic of being in the kitchen together, just chatting and baking.

Keep up to date with Gillian's Baking Days by following her on Facebook or her website . She is also on Instagram , and getting pictures of her sublime creations on your feed is enough to brighten anyone's day.

Gillian has a Baking Day this Sunday the 27th July and the next is scheduled for 31st August, follow her on social media of your choice to keep up to date with all the Baking Days she has planned.

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