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Posted 2014-11-20 by Jessiefollow
I'd never had the experience of eating a bagel, so when I saw an ad for a newly opened place called Bagel Brothers at MetCentre (right outside Wynyard train station in the heart of the CBD), I decided to try that for lunch. The queue was quite long, which was lucky as it took my friend and I a while to decide on what we wanted, despite being hungry. The queue seemed to have a balance of tourists in their backpacks, businessmen in suits and casual Sydney-siders like us.

We were greeted by a kind and approachable cashier who could not wipe a smile off his face.

My friend ordered a 'Fresh and Fancy', which was a bagel with ricotta cheese, avocado, lemon juice, tomato and rocket. To our surprise, it costed only $7.

I originally wanted an 'Early Starter', which was a cinnamon and raisin bagel with banana, ricotta cheese, honey and crushed almonds, with the cost of only $6.50. However, they were out, which I assumed was due to popular demand.

I decided to try the 'Flavour Plus', which was a bagel with sun-dried tomato, hummus, poached chicken breast, onion jam, lettuce and cucumber. It was on the more expensive side out of the things on the menu, but was still only $9.

Due to our hunger, we obliterated the bagels in the blink of an eye without taking a photo beforehand. However, we both walked away from the MetCentre food court knowing we'll return to the place soon to try more items on the menu. The bagels had fresh veggies in them, which were balanced with our meats that contained bags of rich favour. They were the perfect amount for us to last the whole afternoon, and could have easily been eaten on-the-go.

You can also purchase your bagels with a variety of drinks such as coffee and cold drinks.

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