Bad Luck Cabaret - Adelaide Fringe 2017 Review

Bad Luck Cabaret - Adelaide Fringe 2017 Review


Posted 2017-03-15 by Temafollow

Wed 01 Mar 2017 - Sun 19 Mar 2017

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Making her Adelaide debut with her show Bad Luck Cabaret, Laurie Black has made quite an impression this Adelaide Fringe season. Laurie is fantastic in drawing the audience to be a part of her songs and her show. Just when you thought you'd seen it all, Laurie surprises you with her tantalizing craftsmanship of performing arts, coupled with her eloquent pianist skills that leave you in a state of zen.

Most of us are wondering the story behind the hazard tape in her promotional poster - fret not, because it not only makes an appearance during the show, but it is also a novelty accessory that some lucky audience members will get to use, in exchange for a special gift from Laurie.

Our first guest performer was talented singer-songwriter Jamie Mykaela , who is someone that I could (and you probably will, too) relate to, on so many levels. With a trusted ukulele in her arms, Jamie provided us with the backdrop // the inspiration of how her song came into existence - it is quite a story involving one of her former lovers! What followed was a magical and catchy tune that started on a sweet note and ended on a raw note that most guys and gals will experience post-dumping (and/or break-ups). Don't get what I mean? Guess you'll just have to go to a show starring Jamie to find out! She also performs as part of Andrew Silverwood's shows - [Late Night GameShow] Self Absorbed Tw*t .

The second act involved the impressive sword swallowing extraordinaire from Fuego Carna l - Missa Blue . Not only has the woman got some serious, flexible moves that make you want to shake your hips to the song "Sweet Sour" by Band Of Skulls, but she delivers poise, grace, and a huge smile on her face, while casually swallowing 3 different kinds of swords.

Throughout this hour-long performance, we were also treated to the talent of Laurie Black herself. Dressed in simple black clothing and sporting a super awesome look that involves drawn-on eyebrows and salt and pepper hair that is perfectly partitioned down the middle, Laurie stepped out on stage to welcome and thank the audience for coming to her show.

A talented musician with a captivating voice that will leave the room speechless, Laurie has a gift to shred the so-called "intimidating look" with her powerful voice that is a combination of the easy-listening and alternative genres. Her songs have so much meaning, where the lyrics have been inspired through the recent events of Brexit, in addition to her own personal experiences.

This isn't your normal cabaret show - expect lots of interaction, lots of laughs, and lots of fun! No two shows are the same - guest artists are always different, so you just don't know who you'll see. But it can be assured that it will be a good show that celebrates a real community of talent from all over the world. The idea of Bad Luck Cabaret is to create your own luck by taking control. Be advised that this show could easily burst out with burlesque dancers, rock and roll legends, comedians, the works!

There's 2 more chances for you to watch Bad Luck Cabaret in all its glory. Performing at the beautiful Spiegel Zelt tent in Gluttony as part of Adelaide Fringe, you can book your tickets here !

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