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Posted 2013-06-27 by Elijah Chaifollow

Some 320km north of Singapore, on the western seaboard of Peninsular Malaysia, nestled in the rustic seaside town of Port Dickson, is a charming little resort named Avillion. Weary travellers looking for some respite from the all-too common city stays will perk their ears at the gentle crashing of the waves upon the shore, and sniff the air for that fresh ocean breeze.

It is an oasis a manageable distance from home, and the ocean views are absolutely stunning. Our premium water chalet sits some 100 metres out into the sea, and is a perfect blend of picturesque harmony, as you can see in the accompanying picture.

The beach is easily accessible, and is the perfect setting for family stays, functions, and even weddings. Beautiful is hardly considered a superlative here, and its sensual charm will grab you by the senses. It is an emotional massage that soothes your nerves and allows your body to respond in kind. The sea breeze, the white sand, the little strip of land linked by a natural land bridge that transforms into an island during high tide, and the glorious sun all lend themselves to making your stay here a most rewarding one.

There is plenty of 'tame wildlife' for the kids to interact with, ranging from chickens to peacocks, including a small aviary and a feeding pen.

Along the shoreline are multitudes of crabs and shell creatures, not forgetting the mangroves on the mysterious island mentioned earlier. Dead jellyfish do end up on the beach from time to time and all these serve as a primer for your children on the ecosystem and marine life.

There is even a mysterious, abandoned old hotel positioned above the resort that is home to at least a dozen deer.

The facilities are more than what we could ask for, and a week's stay is advisable, in order to fully experience a relaxing break from your busy schedule. Even a weekend retreat should rejuvenate your system sufficiently. The weather, tides, and easy lifestyle will be a good panacea to the stress at your workplace.

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