Australian Reptile Park

Australian Reptile Park


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The located at Somersby (near Gosford) on the Central Coast is home to a variety of reptiles including snakes, lizards, American alligators, crocodiles as well as Australian mammals such as koalas, wallabies and kangaroos, wombats, bilbies, echidnas, dingoes, and Tasmanian Devils.

The park was founded in 1948 by Eric Worrell at the Ocean Beach Aquarium in Umina Beach. In 1959, the Park was moved to Wyoming, north of Gosford and was renamed . In September 1996, the moved for the final time to Somersby.

The is also heavily involved in snake and spider venom collection for the use of production of Antivenom, which is credited to saving thousands of lives.

There is plenty to see, learn, experience and discover at the Park, from exciting wildlife shows, animal interactions, to getting up-close and meeting the cute and cuddly animals that call home, feeding wallabies and kangaroos, enjoying a barbecue (free gas BBQs) or picnic at the Picnic Area with the little ones running around at the Adventure Playground.

There are animal encounter tours where you can get up close and personal with the animals, Behind the Scenes tours, Kids 2 Keeper junior zoo keeping workshops (suitable for ages 3-18yrs), and many more activities.

The exhibits, displays, and highlights:

Reptiles: American alligators, crocodiles, turtles, tortoises, skinks, Komodo dragons, monitor lizards, geckos, iguanas, pythons, taipans, brown snakes, death adders, King cobra and more.

Arachnids: Tarantulas, funnel-web spiders, trapdoor spiders, huntsman spider, Goliath birdeater spider, mouse spiders, redback spiders, wolf spiders, and scorpions.

Australian Mammals: Koalas, eastern grey kangaroos, wallabies, grey-headed flying foxes, Tasmanian devils, wombats, dingoes, platypus, echidnas and ring-tailed possums.

Birds: Cockatoos, pigeons, woodswallows, bowerbirds, frogmouths, Australian bustards, banded lapwings, doves, black-winged stilts, honeyeaters, kookaburras, owls, cassowaries, lorikeets, catbirds, king parrots, ducks and geese, and more.

Elvis the Crocodile: Elvis the crocodile arrived at the Reptile Park in 2007, and he is dubbed as Australia's crankiest crocodile! He was originally from Darwin and removed from the wild as he was attacking fishing boats in Darwin Harbour. In December 2011, Elvis lost two teeth due to him attacking park staff and their lawnmowers. He certainly does wow visitors with his aggression towards keepers and his food during feeding time shows.

Lost World of Reptiles: This Exhibit showcases one of the most unusual and unique zoological attractions. Enter the gaping jaws of a 30-metre-long model crocodile and be in awe with the displays inside.

Spider World: This is an exhibition where you can find everything you ever wanted to know about spiders. There are many funny and quirky interactive spider activities for all ages to enjoy as well as displays of spiders (behind glass boxes, of course!)

Eric's Nature Walk: This short rainforest walk features wildflowers, bird-watching opportunities, spotting out animal replicas in the forest, bird aviaries, informative plaques, and more.

Other highlights include Galapagos tortoise feeding, reptile shows, Tasmanian devil talk, koala talk and petting opportunities, spider talk, dingo talk, and alligator feeding show.

With so many things to do, see, experience, discover as well as learn, is certainly one family-friendly attraction to add to your to-do list this weekend!

There are free gas barbecues on-site as well as a variety of food offerings from the cafe.

There is free parking on site.

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