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Posted 2023-11-01 by Gayle Beveridge-Marienfollow
If you’ve been thinking of doing a writing course, in any sort of writing, but you don’t know where to start, then these Australian Providers may be what you are looking for. You will be spoilt for choice and are sure to find something suitable for your needs.

There are costs associated with all these courses, understandably, as they are courses of substance. I appreciate not everybody will find them affordable and for those of you who find themselves in this position, there are some free options from other providers. The free options are often less ‘meaty’ in time and content, but you will still find some benefit there. If you wish to explore the free options click here to read ’73 Free Writing Courses You Can Do At Home.’ For everybody else read on and check out the provider websites. You may be surprised by what you have to choose from.

The Australian Writers Centre is offering online courses in four broad areas of writing. At the time of writing, they are offering 42 courses in Creative writing, 16 in Freelance writing, 7 in Copywriting and 7 in Business writing. There are courses available in the following formats:

ONLINE WITH WEEKLY FEEDBACK which allows writers to connect with others and offer feedback from experienced writers or editors.
TUTOR LED LIVE ZOOM video-based classrooms from the comfort of your own home.
ONLINE SELF-PACED WITH FEEDBACK giving time-poor participants the flexibility to fit this in with life’s other demands.
ONLINE SELF-PACED COURSES WITHOUT FEEDBACK Besides the courses offering feedback, they also have online self-paced courses without feedback.

Creative writing courses cover novels, children’s books, picture books, teen writing, short stories and more in a wide variety of genres. Food writing, opinion pieces, media releases, SEO writing, real estate writing, and travel writing, are just some of the Freelance courses on offer. There are too many courses to mention here, but there is a wealth of data on their website.

As an example of costs (as of November 2023) Creative Writing Stage 1 is a 5-week online course with weekly feedback costing $495 and for which you should allow 3 to 4 hours per week. At the other end of the spectrum, the 12-month Write Your Novel course is $265 per month.

The number of weeks and the cost of the courses vary, so head over to the Australian Writers Centre website where you can click through for full details, course outlines and costings of courses.

The KYD online courses are all completely self-paced. Start and finish when you can, wrap it around life’s commitments. This flexibility means you will not be forced to drop out when something unexpected comes up, but it also means it isn’t workable for them to provide feedback. There is a wide variety of courses available. KYD are showing their current best-selling courses (November 2023) as being:

Writing Creative Non-Fiction Essays with Sophie Cunningham $169
So You Want To Write? with Hannah Kent and Rebecca Starford $169
Structuring Short Stories with Julie Koh $169
Crafting Endings in Short Fiction with Cate Kennedy $169
Writing A Thriller with J.P. Pomare $169
Writing Poetry with Evelyn Araluen $169
Writing Historical Fiction with Hannah Kent $169
Enriching Your Plot with Setting with Laura Elizabeth Woollett $169
Crafting Beautiful Sentences with Emily Bitto $169

And these are just a small selection of the KYD courses. In addition to signing on for individual courses, there are options to bundle courses together, which is a more economical option. Examples of the bundles are:

Short Story Craft
Poetry Masterclass
Ethics and Empathy in Memoir
Mastering the Creative Non-Fiction Essay
Short Fiction Intensive

To explore all the options available to you click here to visit the Kill Your Darlings website.

The Writers’ Studio has tasked itself with facilitating “a pathway for those interested in writing novels, screenplays, short stories or who just want to explore and develop their writing and creativity.”

They differ from the other providers in that they have prerequisite training—a 4-week Unlocking Creativity course. This course has weekly deadlines and costs $525 plus GST (as of November 2023.) Once you have completed the Unlocking Creativity course, you can enrol in a Short Story Course or a Novel and Script course.

There are several courses to choose from in the short story category—Writer’s Gym, Character Development, and Short Story Genre.

The Novel and Script First Draft course is of ten months’ duration that breaks your writing into manageable weekly tasks and is designed for people working full time. Check the pricing and payment options on their website.

To explore these options in more detail click here to visit the Writers’ Studio website.



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