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There are rainchecks and promises at the moment. Stay in now and you can play later. Hard enough for adults, but even harder for children.

One way to keep the dream of family travel alive is to watch movies inside now that will inspire you to travel later. Domestic travel is likely to start earlier than overseas travel. And there are places introduce children to through film that are likely contenders for trips post-coronavirus. Watch now. Travel later.

Babe (the Southern Highlands)
Babe (1995) tells the story of a pig raised as livestock who wants to do the work of a sheepdog. The main animal characters are played by a combination of real and animatronic pigs and Border Collies.

The film will not only keep the family entertained, but all the lush green pasturelands of Robertson and Exeter in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales will be great inspiration for a future road trip.

An easy road trip from Sydney, I have also done this trip from Melbourne. Amazing scenery and lots of wonderful hamlets.
Finding Nemo - The Great Barrier Reef

Or Finding Nemo (film, 2003) to witness the animated magic of diving or snorkelling on Australia's Great Barrier Reef.

Australia's Great Barrier Reef was the real-life location that inspired this classic family-friendly film. Follow the story of a clownfish named Marlin who loses his son, Nemo, all the way to Sydney Harbour.

A future trip out to reef system will mean a chance to spot the characters such as Dory (Regal or Blue Tang Fish), Gill (Moorish Idol Fish), Bloat (Pufferfish), Peach (Starfish) and Crush (Sea turtle).

The Barrier Reef is one of those must-do Australian experiences.
Red Dog (the Australian Outback)

Red Dog (2011), is based on the legendary true story of a red dog uniting a local community whilst roaming the Australian Outback. Known simply as Red Dog, the red kelpie would stop cars on the road and would then hop in and travel to wherever the car's driver was going.

If you want to plan a trip to Australia's North West, once it's safe to do so, visiting the Red Dog sites is about heading to the Kimberley and Pilbara region.

Here visitors can take a selfie with the Red Dog statue, at the entrance to the town of Dampier, before taking part in The Roaming with Red Dog trail

The self-drive and walking trail takes you to some of Red Dog's favourite spots around town. At each point of interest, full-colour informational signage helps tourists discover Dampier's story and that of its most famous resident. The trail is 10km long and starts at the Red Dog Memorial Statue at the entrance to the town.

The Red Dog trail is a playful quest trail. You can visit sites in any order to complete the quest, just look up the answers online and use your answers to solve the puzzles.

Dust off the Tent

Put the camping gear to good use by setting up a camping trip in your own backyard with the kids while you are stuck at home.

While there is no travelling at the moment, setting up a tent makes for a great change of environment and is great practice for when the whole family will be able to do that road trip.
For Parents

Part of having some downtime at home is the chance to plan future travels. It won't happen straight away but it will happen. So, it is worth getting out a map of Australia and giving your next family trip some thought.

After the drought, bushfires and now the unemployment created in the hospitality and tourism sectors in the wake of the coronavirus, Australians are keen to try and get their country moving again.

We can help by getting moving ourselves. At least in our heads. So watch the movie with the kids and plan that next great road trip.

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