Australian Eagles Show - Review

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Posted 2023-06-12 by Roy Chambersfollow
The Australian Eagles Show plays tribute to one of the great, let's say instead, legendary American rock bands, the Eagles, . Their Dark Desert Highway is making its way around Australia. If you are of the generation that only really grew up with the Eagles on the radio, here is a chance to hear how the Eagles rock out in this popular tribute show that is still touring.

About the Eagles

The Eagles were one of the most successful rock bands of all time and the biggest-selling American band of all time. Their signature song, Hotel California, is considered one of the greatest rock songs of all time. Forms in 1971 and breaking apart for the first time in 1980, they remained a dominant musical force on radio right through until the 1990s.

With 5 number-one singles, 6 number-one albums, 6 Grammy Awards as well as 5 American Music Awards, The Eagles were a musical tour de force that influenced at least 2 generations of musicians along with basically inventing their own genre of rock called California rock, which was basically whatever the Eagles played.

About the Australian Eagles Show

The Australian Eagles Show is a continuation of an Eagles tribute show that has been touring the world for some time, with the Australian version of the tribute band made up of mostly Brisbane lads. They have proved as popular in Australia as the international show has been.

The Australian Eagles Experience

I saw the Australian Eagles Show at the Princess Theatre in Woolloongabba. This wonderful old theatre opened in 1888 and provides a great location for a performance. Along with the mezzanine level, there is a flat main floor area of the theatre which gives people plenty of space for dancing in the isle, something that comes in handy during the show.

The Australian Eagles Show takes us on a musical journey across the long history of the Eagles, from the early beginnings through the various solo careers of the main members and even includes one song from their last album released in 2007. When you arrive you will see all the guitars laid out on stage, and yes, they will use all of them for the different styles of The Eagles.

Anyone who grew up listening to the Eagles on the radio might be under the impression that their performances are going to be fairly laid back. But the performance by the Australian Eagles Show rocks out from the first song, though it takes time and a bit of effort to get the audience up on their feet and dancing, some start right from the beginning and others join in later.

The show is structured so that the less-known songs are intertwined with the more famous works. Though most of the audience knows even those songs as well.

Of course, it is no surprise that the show ends with Hotel California. This is the song that took the Eagles from a great band to a legend.

Seeing the Australian Eagles Show

The Australian Eagles Show will continue to tour around Australia. They have shows scheduled for Airlie Beach and Melbourne coming up in July and August. But keep an eye out through their Facebook page for future shows.


The audience for the show in Brisbane was mostly those who seemed to have gotten into the band in the 1980s, with some who must have fallen in love with them in the 1970s. There was a smattering of younger audience members, though they seemed to be coming with older family members. But overall it was a show of long-time fans.

If there is any criticism, of the show, it would be the singing, which is not quite up to the standard of The Eagles. Not that anyone in the audience really minded given that the Eagles is really about the guitar sound more than the vocals. I was originally planning to go with a friend who is a long time, but she was unable to come, so I invited a Japanese friend who hadn't even heard the song Hotel California previously, but she got into the show and the sound of the Eagles pretty easily.

So whether you are young or old, a long-time fan or have never even heard of the Eagles before, The Australian Eagles Show is well worth it. Though it is highly recommended that you get an aisle seat to make it easier to start dancing during the show.

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