66th Australian DanceSport Championships

66th Australian DanceSport Championships


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Thu 08 Dec 2011 - Sun 11 Dec 2011

If popular TV dance contests and the iconic 1980s film, Strictly Ballroom are anything to go by, then many Australians can't resist watching a dance competition. This year's is testament to our love affair with competitive ballroom dance, and will bring world-class international competitors to Hisense Arena in Melbourne from 8th to 11th December.

And should you doubt the status of dance as a sport, the super athletic men and women participating in the competitions will tell you otherwise, thanks to the International Olympic Committee's recognition of competitive ballroom dance as a sport. The nimbleness of body and mind and the stamina that is required are things I can better appreciate, having fumbled and struggled through various dance classes over the years myself.

And if you thought the celebrities on Dancing with the Stars were impressive you'll be positively bowled over by the superior dancers vying for coveted awards with their boundless energy and gravity-defying moves. Couples will be performing Standard, Latin American and New Vogue styles to be scored on degree of difficulty, creativity and skill. Graceful waltzes, fast paced sambas and jaunty quicksteps are just some of the dance types that will be featured as well as dances with enchanting names like Charmaine, La Bomba, Tango Terrific, Merrilyn and Carousel, to name a few.

But of course it's not just about the dance. No doubt many spectators will be holding their collective breath as the smiling dancers enter the arena, heads held high, in a blaze of colourful flamboyance. No feather, fringe or sequin will be spared to produce a costume that will enhance a move or create a living kaleidoscope.

Incorporated in the five day program, will be the 2011 WDSF Asian Pacific DanceSport Championship Standard and Latin with competitors from 22 countries being represented.

A highlight of the program will be performances by specialists in Exhibition Dance, Craig Smith and Natalie Woolf, the three-time reigning World Professional Exhibition Champions and 2010 British Open Exhibition Champions. The couple from South Africa will undoubtedly wow the audiences with their strength, agility and sheer talent in a floorshow demonstrating four diverse routines.

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