Auckland Museum

Auckland Museum


Posted 2012-08-16 by Daisy Wheelfollow
We walked from the city centre to the and it is an upward trajectory no matter which way you approach it. The museum is perched in Auckland's Domain and fringed by beautiful parklands. It's unique, it's stunning and it's also quite steep. This is fine for the fit and flexible but a better option for less mobile visitors is public transport called Link buses. They are easy to catch and cover main attractions at regular intervals.

First impressions of the museum are stately, impressive and without a doubt conspicuous. It's a bit like a snow capped mountain hailing from the South. It's worth spending some time outside to absorb the Grecian influences and friezes adorning the exterior.

Once across the threshold and into the main foyer the opulence continues with a marble entrance. Our only concern was how welcoming the staff and building would be when continuing the ostentatious themes. No concerns were registered. Not only were staff warm and engaging they also politely reminded us to take in our camera. Yes, you can take pictures in this museum.

Learning about the Peoples of the Pacific was both informative and friendly without any patronizing tones. I appreciated being able to understand the history of migration and settlement before embarking on more touristy adventures.

also has a couple of special attractions which are essential in imparting a unique experience. The volcano and tectonic features on level 1 told New Zealand's natural evolution well. Particularly enjoyable was the earthquake simulation. It's poignant to remember that the earth is still evolving all around us.

There is also the Stevenson Learning Centre that caters for kids. This is hands on and allows for learning in a child friendly way. You can drop the kids off and then head up to the top floor library for additional research.

If you are travelling to the North Island of New Zealand don't forget to schedule a visit to the museum in Auckland. It's a fine way to gain a sense of perspective when you arrive in a new land.

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