17 Astronomy Groups and All Things Space Related

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Posted 2019-05-03 by finyfollow
There are many places you can go stargazing and the like. The main one is The Perth Observatory. There are also many groups you can join which could be very interesting!

This is a list of some of the groups around Perth and Western Australia.

1. Geraldton Astronomy Club
This group has regular meetings and viewing sessions and their main aim is to share the wonders of the universe and the night sky with everyone.

You do not have to have any experience to join this group or any equipment - all you need is an interest in space!

2. Carnarvon Space Museum
The Carnarvon Space and Technology Museum is about the history of the role Carnarvon played in the manned space program and in the Australian communications industry.

The museum focusses on the Carnarvon Tracking Station and the OTC Satellite Earth Station. Each station played separate parts in the early space industry.

The OTC Satellite Earth Station is now a museum site and is situated at the northern end of Browns Range which is about 6 kilometres from the centre of Carnarvon and 4 kilometres north of the Tracking Station.

3. Astronomical Society of the South West Inc.
ASSW is an astronomy society founded in 1986. The Astronomical Society of the South West Inc (ASSW) was first formed by a group of local school children in 1983 when they wanted to see the night sky and see the approaching Haley's comet. In 1992, an observatory was built at College Grove, Bunbury and this now houses the original telescope.

4. Bino Central
BinoCentral is an optics specialist shop. They sell binoculars to suit all needs and telescopes from beginners to experts. They also have microscopes and low vision aids.

They have FREE viewing events once a month and each telescope comes with instructions on setting it up. It also includes free membership to the Astronomical Group of WA (AGWA).

5. The Astronomical Society of Western Australia
ASWA is the main Astronomical society in Western Australia. Their membership is open to anyone in the state or anywhere else.

They hold various functions during the year and if you are serious about the stars and planets then this association is a must to join.

6. Astronomy Education Services
Astronomy Education Services (AES) is a Western Australian company who give professional and up-to-date public outreach and education service in the science of astronomy.

AES provides information etc to schools. They specialise in teaching astronomy and earth and space science topics. They also have field nights where they stargaze through 4 telescopes.

7. The Space Place
This company is a privately owned small dome free observatory. They are near the town of Toodyay and have some of the best night skies in Julimar.

They provide a specialized night sky observing astronomy for all visitors. Visitors will experience the magic of space in the outdoors under the clear dark night skies of Julimar!

Their astronomers and night sky enthusiasts are there to help with any questions and will give you some interesting facts and explain what you are seeing through your telescopes! This is fun for the whole family.

8. Astrotourism WA
In WA we are lucky as there are some great places for stargazing. You can discover new places to visit where you can enjoy things like the beautiful Milky Way. Each month there are new and amazing stargazing experiences. You can check out the ones in the places you are going to be travelling to.

9. Astro Star Tours
You can experience the wonders of the planet under pristine West Australian skies! You could learn about the spectacular southern night skies through a telescope. Or why not take a photograph of the brilliant Milky Way - Astro Star Tours will be your own personal galactic tour guide.

10. Esarthside Astronomy
This company bring astronomy and science to you. Earthside Astronomy offers both an entertaining and educational experience of the universe.

They offer training courses, stargazing with telescopes, astronomy presentations, and science demonstrations.

11. Fireballs in the Sky
This is actually an online app that you need to download. It allows you to get involved with the Desert Fireball Network research by reporting your own meteor sightings to their scientists. They then use your reports to track the trajectories of meteors – a very fascinating app as they can estimate where they might have landed on Earth.

You can even go meteor gazing with their latest app!

12. Gravity Discover Centre
The Gravity Discovery Centre is a not-for-profit science education centre just one hour north of Perth and home to the Leaning Tower of Gingin. This is a hands-on science exhibit and you can learn about the latest discoveries in science and technology and what they mean to your everyday life.

It is a premier science education centre in Western Australia for physics and astronomy and the only centre in Australia with a focus on gravity and cosmology.

13. Mars Society
Mars is a fascinating planet and the fourth planet from the sun.

It has some fascinating properties and you can read all about Mars at the above link.

14. Perth Observatory
This observatory is, of course, the largest and most well known in Perth and it is situated in Bickley. They have functions every week and they have some excellent ones both for school children and adults. Most are well worth going to!

15. Scitech
Scitech is in West Perth and is well known for being hands on. They have space programs as well as many other programs.

16. Southern Nights
Southern Nights specialise in helping people to see the universe through telescopes, laser-guided tours and interesting presentations. They have state of the art telescopes and you can see the night sky.

17. Stargazers Club
Begin a stargazing adventure by joining Stargazers Club WA. They hold monthly events and are especially for beginners. These events include telescope classes, stargazing nights, astrophotography for beginners and visits to special places with local experts and other local amateur astronomers.

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