Ascot Park Playground, Ascot

Ascot Park Playground, Ascot


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Let the imagination factor go wild

Bird's eye view of the fully fenced Ascot Park Playground

Our best day of the week - Grandparents Day! Which means, we’re always on the lookout for a playground where toddlers can play safely and independently, whilst mums and dads and grandparents too, can hopefully sit back to catch a breath or two and just enjoy the magnificent outdoors.

Two of the very colourful cubby houses

Designed specifically for toddlers and pre-schoolers, the colourful Ascot Park Playground provides low-to-the-ground equipment, perfect for littlies to climb and explore, showing off their fearless adventuring abilities. If your babies are able to crawl, then this fully-fenced, child-friendly Ascot Playground is the perfect spot to head to.

The third quaint little cubby house

The main focus of the Ascot Park Playground are the three quaint, cubby houses, giving curious littlies the easiest access they could hope for. The cubby houses promote a sense of achievement in young children, as they provide an effortless approach for little legs to navigate the area independently.

Farmer's Market Cafe, perfect to let the imagination factor go wild!

Two of the cubby houses have a market and garden theme, with quaint vegetable stairs, a letterbox, a tunnel, slide, a hammock and interactive sensory boards. The third cubby has a firehouse theme. Kids absolutely love to ‘drive’ the fire truck, ring the bell and check out Sparky’s kennel. Children have the opportunity to slide - up or down - climb through the tunnel or take a moment to play with the interactive sensory boards inside the fort.

Everybody's favourite ... swings

Alongside the cubbies are the ever-popular swings. Visitors will discover the usual, everyday type of toddler swings, plus … an awesome two-person facing each other type swing seat, perfect for our master three to share with Ziggy our puppy. Dogs are not permitted in the children’s play area, but our grandson ‘harry-casual-led’ his way around, puppy dog in tow - the 10/10 cuteness factor is definitely an advantage!

Great excitement watching the leaf boats sailing down the watercourse

No matter where we are, children all seem to gravitate to the water play area. Ascot Park has proven to be no different. Featuring a hand-operated water pump, children can control and watch the water as it trickles down the rocky creek bed. There is so much fun to be had - our grandson collected leaves (boats) and watched with great excitement as he sent them down the watercourse, swishing every which way. The little timber bridge over the creek bed provides a great way to climb down into the watercourse to look for any ‘boats’ that may have gone astray.

Spider web climbing frame

Small children can spin on the spinner, while older siblings can try their luck on the spider web climbing frame.

The heritage parkland also features a 1930s bandstand rotunda with adjacent BBQ facilities and a heritage palm avenue.

Heritage palm avenue

Ascot Park is an awesome destination to head to for toddlers, but unfortunately, there isn’t much for children with special needs. Street parking is available - make sure to check for yellow lines and signage regarding time limits. The Ascot Train Station is also located directly opposite the park.

Undercover picnic area with BBQs

Ascot Park Features
  • Fully fenced playground
  • Three cubby-style play forts
  • Slides
  • Tunnels
  • Interactive sensory panels
  • Swings
  • Roundabout or merry-go-round, as we remember them

  • A 1930’s bandstand rotunda

  • Water pump with rocky creek bed
  • Lawned area
  • Spider web climbing frame
  • Rubberised soft fall
  • Street parking
  • Toilet facilities
  • BBQ facilities

  • Plenty of lawned area to play ball and large trees providing shade

    Looking for inspiration to let the imagination factor go wild? Ascot Park Playground will not disappoint. Whether your toddler is keen on becoming a ‘master chef’, a 'firefighter', 'Spiderman' or even an aspirant boatie, Ascot Park - north east of Brisbane - delivers it all in a nutshell. An awesomely fun spot to bookmark!

    Our puppy waiting patiently for master three

    Location: Corner of Lancaster and Kitchener Roads, Ascot
    Hours: All day, every day

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