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Posted 2018-06-22 by Antony Zastanfollow
Striding through the walls of Parisian "beaux arts" in Centre Pompidou, you stumble upon Dali's extraordinary picture. The outer light id somehow captured by the painting and splashes through the scenery of the picture.

How can one resist from being bewitched by the great artist's atmosphere and hold oneself from looking through the list of art classes to try the foreign master's tutoring power as inspiration? If one cannot rely on strong French language skills. the search for appropriate art school (ecole de beaux arts) would be a nightmare. Websites like English Tripadvisor or Tripsavvy rarely review French businesses and local art schools (ateliers) tend to avoid bilingual designs.

Therefore, with a Google translator in mind, we used Gmaps for local search entering such keywords like Cours de dessin, cours de peinture, stage de dessin, atelier d`arts.

Considering the size of the city and volume of art schools, the decision was made to try several venues in order to make a considerate choice. Skipping the mediocre representatives of the educational community, we have decided to compare the worthiest and the best experience of "Cours de beaux arts".

ArtGraf, the very central studio in downtown, where anyone can try art classes free of charge, proposed the unexpected, as the first lesson was a life drawing class. At first, a group of 6 - 3 of who were absolute laypersons in arts, tried to draw nude women body without a clue as to how and where to start. In the end, ignored by the teacher, we created a handful of sketches having received zero assistance.

With that negative experience under our belts, the next 3 studio visits were cancelled in favour of one at Metro "Republique", close to French opera house.

At the studio, called Artacademie-Paris, the phone was answered right away in English by request and the same evening our group tried an art class in drawing for beginners (cours de dessin debutents). As adamant as I was in mastering the great Dali technique of surrealism, the actual plan of training procedures was revealed as:
1. Academic drawing lesson (cours de dessin academique)
2. Painting lesson with glaze technique
3. Some anatomy figure drawing lessons

Believe it or not, the art studio gave actual hope for the required skills to be acquired in some near future, even though the training seemed to have an extensive amount of lessons.

Test visits are the easiest way to make the right choice as there are lots of schools with a free initial lesson.

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