Art Lane George Town

Art Lane George Town


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Most of us have heard of "Time Tunnels", travelling back into the past or forwards into the future by simply walking through a mystical fictional place. What if instead of travelling through time, we could travel through art?

Conceived and funded by Australian Penang based restauranteur Narelle McMurtrie, Art Lane has gone from a crumbling abandoned space to a public art and community hang out. The little unassuming alley on Lebuh Pantai (which actually stretches over an entire block) winds through colourful ideas, political brushstrokes, playful sketches and robust images.

Art Lane's concept is very similar to China House, an iconic and must visit restaurant, coffee house and art collective, also conceived and owned by Narelle McMurtrie. What used to be two ancient shop houses, has been joined and transformed into a vibrant lane which extends from Lebuh Pantai all the way to Lebuh Victoria, giving curious tourists and locals a breath of fresh concepts, art, sculptures, a slice of history and most important a place where we all belong - we all connect and unwind.

As you stroll through Art Lane you let go, your worries, anxieties and stresses stay out the door to enjoy opulent murals, intricate sketches and jovial graffiti. The walls of these two ancient buildings concealed with colour, textures and ideas, through stairways the light filters and add to the raw space, the honest atmosphere and unpretentious location. People pose, stare, photograph and feel, this really is a place to escape the noise and chaos of the outside world.

To start with, Art Lane provided materials for anyone in the public to paint something within reason, however as expected, not all artworks were either visually pleasing or of a respectful nature. Since then, there has been a system put in place for those wanting to leave their mark, all works now must be submitted to China House for approval, once this happens, the artist is provided with permission and materials.

Since gaining UNESCO World Heritage Site status, George Town's art scene is subject to UNESCO approval, which makes Art Lane not just a community space and a cool spot for tourists to visit, it is also a more approachable platform for local and international artists to showcase their work.

Art Lane is at 127 Lebuh Pantai, George Town, Penang, open everyday from 9am to 7pm.

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