Argyll Road Roti Canai

Argyll Road Roti Canai


Posted 2014-12-22 by Sara Ikmalfollow

My parents never fail to make a visit to this restaurant every time we visit the island of Penang. It's become a regular on our Penang to-do list: Go to the beach, visit the Batu Ferringhi night market, grab a midnight burger Ramly special ... and have breakfast at Argyll Road. The restaurant is just a five minutes' walk away from Hotel Penaga , and it wasn't very crowded on the morning that we visited. We usually make a point to go there early to avoid the breakfast crowd.

The roti telur here (or egg paratha) is my personal must-have, though I do tend to buy it wherever I go. Service here is quick and straightforward, and we didn't have to wait long for our orders.

The roti was tasty, fluffy in all the right places thanks to the egg. There is something about the roti telur here that sets it apart from all the others I've ever tasted. The outer edges of the roti are crisp and buttery. When you get to the middle, it's like hitting the jackpot - for there is an option here to order a double egg roti telur. The result is a thick and fluffy centre, easily thicker than any smartphone you would find on the market these days. I savoured every last bite, and felt incredibly full towards the end.

Of course, no breakfast here is complete without a dish of curry to complement the roti. We usually get the kari kambing (mutton curry). The curry is smooth and creamy, sitting warm and savoury on your tongue. Slathering the roti with it is a gastronomical experience; the buttery roti, tender meat and rich curry is like a crowd cheering in your mouth.

That's not all they've got though. I just like to order what I like here, what I am most familiar with. As something that I only get once a year, I think I wll always order a two egg roti telur!

I just had my 2014 serving this morning, and it did not disappoint. I'll see you again next year, Argyll Road!

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