Argo on the Parade Cafe

Argo on the Parade Cafe


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Argo's on the Parade is a staple of the Norwood retail and dining strip, offering its patrons a large range of savouries, sweets, coffees teas and more. It is also hugely popular, best exemplified by this reviewer's most recent experience of watching a fellow diner attempt to eat their food at the counter because all the tables were full.

What makes Argo so popular, you ask? Many would say it is their wide selection of food and beverages. Breakfast offerings (available all day on weekends) include eggs as-you-like with a variety of sides, omelettes, smoked salmon with rocket, sliced avocado and cream cheese, and organic muesli served with seasonal fruit, light vanilla yoghurt and honey.

However, these are not the only breakfast options Argo's makes available. Their 'Bre-sserts' (dessert for breakfast) menu includes French toast with caramelised banana and ricotta served with cream or yoghurt, chocolate bread served with berry compote and orange butter, and, Belgian waffles alongside strawberries, vanilla ice-cream and maple syrup.

As for Argo's lunch options, the list is as long and varied as their breakfast offerings. They have an extensive range of focaccias, rolls, salads and wraps, such as the 'Sweet Chick' pictured below. To give you an example of the ingredients their wraps use, the Sweet Chick features chicken schnitzel with avocado, carrot, sun-dried tomato, baby spinach, sweet chilli sauce and Argo's own mayonnaise.

Those looking to treat themselves to something special for lunch may want to grab a burger or hotdog, with each being able to be served on their own or with a generous side of fries. A prime example of a great hotdog to sample is the New York, a Kransky sausage served with sautéed mushroom, onion jam, Swiss cheese and Argo relish.

Not to be ignored while dining at Argo's is their beverage list. Their range is so extensive it features three sub-categories of hot coffee. For the record, these are Classics, which includes cappuccinos, lattes and espressos, Brew Bar, which includes cold drip coffee, which is served over ice, and, With a Twist, which features mocha, chai and Vienna styles of coffee (see the chai above). They also stock a large range of teas, including the green tea shown with scrambled eggs above.

Also, regarding cool drinks, Argo has fruit juices, milkshakes, smoothies, iced drinks and more available. These are great for the warmer months, or if you don't feel the cold in winter, with options such as their cleanser juice, which features carrot, celery and apple juices, or the iced drink named Lee-lu, which has vanilla ice-cream, pineapple juice and fresh lime.

Argo's on the Parade is a great choice for anyone wanting to enjoy tasty food and beverages. They have a range of savouries that will please any food lover, sweets to delight and a wide selection of teas and coffees that ensures there is something for everybody.

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