April Fools' Day Pranks

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Posted 2015-03-30 by G.R. Rosefollow

Wed 01 Apr 2015

Oh yes! It's almost that special day when you can get away with mischief and fun by playing jokes on your friends. The problem for many people is finding jokes that give a good laugh, but, at the same time, aren't hurtful to the victim. So what kind of jokes can one play? There are a variety of jokes that receive different reactions. What you do will majorly depend on the person and situation.

Toliet Face. - Print out a life-size face (it could be any face you want from a monster to Loki from Avengers) and tape it to the underside of a toilet seat facing up. Then, close the lid of the toilet and wait for your victim to come and scream! This would be great at a restaurant or some public place, maybe even work. However, if you're unsure about doing it at work, a friend's house would be just as fine.

Baking Powdered Donut. - Buy a dozen plain donuts and coat them in baking powder. Then, bring them to work and leave them out. No one ever can resist donuts and they could deceive anyone, with their innocent powdered-sugar look. Don't forget to bring an extra dozen of good donuts, or else you will make lifelong enemies.

Go trick or treating! - If people have candy they usually give it to you and it's sort of fun to walk around the neighborhood and have people looking at you as if you were from another planet.

Quarter Trick. -Superglue a quarter onto a sidewalk and watch people try to pick it up. It's funny how important a quarter can be to some people!

April Fools' Day Christmas Caroling. - Want to make people not only fooled on April Fools' Day, but confused? Well, there is one specific way to make people's reactions priceless--sing Christmas Carols on April Fools' Day! It's easy fun and very entertaining.

The next three ideas are classics. They work a majority of the time and are super easy.

Holes in cups. - Make little holes in plastic cups and offer to get people a drink. They will spill water a little bit of the drink on their clothes, so if you plan to maintain a friendship with them, or even continue to be on speaking turns, take note of their clothes and the drink you are handing them.

Dump a cup. - Take a disposable cup of water, place it on the top rim of a door and keep the door a crack open, so that someone will have to open it more. When they do, the water will come down and then the moment of truth. A HUGE SPLASH! Have a camera ready.

Short sheeting a bed. - Take the top sheet off the prank target's bed, and tuck the bottom end under the top end of the mattress. Pull it down and then fold it back up so that the top end is where it would be if the bed was made normally. Replace the pillow, blanket, etc., and make up the bed like it was before. When the person tries to stretch their feet out they'll be surprised at how much the bed shrunk!

These are just a few April Fools' pranks, but there are hundreds more out there. Now's the time to choose you favorite pranks, because April Fools' Day is just around the corner!

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