ANZAC Memorial Statues, Brisbane

ANZAC Memorial Statues, Brisbane


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Explore the paths of ANZAC Square and follow the line of memorial statues paying tribute to Australia's place within military history.

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ANZAC Square is a permanent, free, open public place in Brisbane dedicated to the men and women who have served Australia in conflict and peace since the 1899 Boer War. The space covers over 1.2 acres/0.5 hectares and opened in 1930 on Armistice Day and features the Shrine of Remembrance, the Eternal Flame and open parklands.

War Statues
Throughout the Gardens and part of the commemoration of service are a series of statues reflecting people and elements of wars across the ages. Here is a selection of the statues to find while visiting the Square.

South African Boer War Memorial Statue
A life-size bronzed statue modelled on Lieutenant-Colonel Charles James Reade greets visitors at the Adelaide Street entrance to the Square and it depicts a Queensland Mounted Infantryman on horseback.

The Boer War began in South Africa in 1899 and lasted for almost three years. Around 16,000 Australian soldiers were sent to assist the forces of the British Empire.

The large bronze plaques contain the names of the eighty-nine Queensland soldiers who lost their lives in the South African war. The statue cost 2000 pounds and was unveiled on 13 December 1919.

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World War 2 Nurses Memorial
Care for the wounded was supported by the 5,000 Australian nurses who served in a variety of locations, including the Middle East, the Mediterranean, Britain, Asia, the Pacific, and Australia.

Seventy-eight died, some through accident or illness, but most as a result of enemy action or while prisoners of war.

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Korea, Malaya, Borneo, Memorial
Australian military personnel featured in conflicts in South East Asia and specific statues called the Korea, Malaya, Borneo Memorial is dedicated to those Australians and their Allies who died or suffered as a result of their service in Korea (1950-1953), Malaya (1948-1966) and Borneo (1962-1966).

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%%Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Memorial**
a dedicated memorial to Queensland’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander service men and women was unveiled in Brisbane’s Anzac Square on 27 May 2022 to recognise indigenous veterans

The statue has been cast in bronze and Navy, Army and Air Force personnel alongside Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander warriors/dancers, depicting a story of embarkation from home via air, land and sea.

The Bottle Trees
The Baobab or Bottle Tree has an oddly, round shaped trunk and is the symbol of humility and resilience. Several mature trees line the outdoor pathways of ANZAC Square. The bottle trees commemorate the Queensland Light Horse Regiments, which served in South Africa's Boer War (1899–1902).

(Photo: Gillian Ching)

What Else
While this is just a selection, perhaps you might like to visit the Square and see these and the other artworks which honour Australian military personnel.

ANZAC Square is located at 285 Ann Street Brisbane in the middle of the Central Business District. The parklands are free to visit and open 7 days. ANZAC Square connects with the Central railway station and buses also run through Ann and Adelaide Streets. Paid car parking facilities are also available.

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