Anna and the Apocalypse: A Zombie Christmas Musical - DVD Review

Anna and the Apocalypse: A Zombie Christmas Musical - DVD Review


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High school student, Anna, is planning to leave the town of Littlehaven and go travelling. This is a source of friction with her Dad, Tony, who wants her to go to university instead. Anna's best friend, John, is in love with her, and her ex-boyfriend, Nick wants her back, but Anna isn't interested in either of them. She and her friends navigate the usual drama of teenage life until they awake one morning to find that the town has been overrun with zombies. They must battle their way back to the school where their loved ones are sheltering, trapped inside with the mad headmaster, Arthur Savage.

I know it's the wrong time of year for Christmas movies (at the time of writing) but when I came across this DVD at my local library I couldn't resist it. It's a musical with zombies, and at the same time, a Christmas movie that doesn't sound too saccharine. That's my jam!

Directed by McPhail and based on Ryan McHenry's 2010 short film Zombie Musical, Anna and the Apocalypse has been described by critics as "Shaun of the Dead meets La La Land". Since I loved both of those films, I had fairly high expectations of this one, and to my surprise, it lived up to them. It's quirky, funny, and there are some catchy songs and well-choreographed dance sequences.

The cast give it their all during the songs, and the British accents add a little special something. I loved Nick's part in the song Hollywood Ending- "What was I thinking? This isnae Disney..." The school Christmas show, with its dancing penguins and wildly inappropriate torch song is hilariously awkward. And then there are the zombies.

There are a few creepy moments, and the zombie makeup is excellent. Zombie Santa, in particular may haunt my dreams. There is a lot of violence and a fair amount of gore, so it's not for the squeamish, but it's hard to take that stuff too seriously when zombies are being dispatched with see saws and giant candy canes.

Anna and the Apocalypse manages to be both a fun zombie film and a great musical. It would make a nice antidote to the usual schmatzy Christmas movie fare, but if you like zombie movies, musicals or both, it can be enjoyed at any time of year. I highly recommend it for fans of Shaun of the Dead or Night of the Living Deb .

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