Andrew Farrell aka 'Wizard' in Concert

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Posted 2014-12-19 by Edenfollow

Sun 21 Dec 2014

'Wizard' describes not only a magician or conjurer but also a genius, prodigy, virtuoso or boffin if you like. Andrew Farrell, known as the 'Wizard', fits these dictionary descriptions perfectly.A performer of great humility, eschewing accolades, letting his music and performance speak for itself.

Andrew's rich velvety voice delivers sparkling articulation while introducing his audience to his encyclopaedic knowledge of the music he plays with light hearted humour while telling enchanting stories of the original composers , drawing his audience in to experience the fullness of his performance .

His inimitable touch on the keyboard immediately shows his talent, though it's best experienced at its fullest in technically demanding compositions where he is able to demonstrate both technical brilliance and a gentle lightness on the keys.

Few pianists truly use all 88 keys, however Andrew uses them all, fingers gliding with ease and providing a depth and texture with the whole spectrum of musical colour, his brilliant use of vocals perfectly completing the performance.

Your first impression may be of a Peter Pan hippy, resplendent in his Wizard bandanna and jacket, his signature long pointy toed shoes and a very full Gandalf beard. By the time you've heard his repertoire you'll be amazed, virtually transported to another world.

Andrew is a phenomenally gifted and classically trained pianist with a powerful unique voice, able to display various vocal styles at will. His incredible music and song repertoire ranges through Jazz, Blues , Boogie, Classical and everything in between as he describes his musical journey from songs heard as a young boy at his father's table through to his own compositions on life's journey.

This seemingly non-conformist composer and performer may even cause controversy at times, as he appears to have 'fun' with highly individualised interpretations of classics, showcasing his ability to compose, improvise and breathe new life into the oldest classical piece.

Be warned! If you are a set in stone traditionalist on straight musical interpretation then this is not your style of artist though if you're able to be lifted on high and taken through a magical musical wonderland then be sure to find out where the Wizard will play next.

Look forward to a special live show of music and storytelling in his company when you get the chance. Andrew regularly plays anywhere from Tasmania to Queensland, so check out gig guides to discover for yourself why so many follow the Wizard down his yellow brick road and should you ever be invited to a private show be sure to go along, for you never know what wizardry you will witness.

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