Amidst a Snowstorm of Love - TV Series Review

Amidst a Snowstorm of Love - TV Series Review


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Amidst a Snowstorm of Love is about love at first sight. Lin Yiyang (played by Wu Lei) saw Yin Guo (played by Zhao Jin Mai) when he was meeting his friend, Wu Wei, in a pub on one stormy night. Yin Guo just arrived from China with his cousin, Meng Xiaotian, and was stranded at this pub while trying to sort out their accommodation in the middle of a snowstorm. Knowing their fellow from their home country in trouble, Yiyang and Wu Wei decided to help Guo and Xiaotian to go to their accommodation as all public transportation was shut because of a snowstorm. Feeling grateful, Xiaotian invited Yiyang and Wu Wei to meet again the following day to take them out for a meal to say thank you.

When Yiyang helped Guo with her suitcases, he noticed that Guo also brought a billiard cue stick. As a billiard player as well, Yiyang was very curious and guessed that Guo was there for an international billiard competition. Yiyang himself was a nine-ball player when he was very young back in China. He was training under Mr He, a very famous and well-known billiard trainer in China. Even though Yiyang was a very talented billiard player, he was forced to quit this sport when he argued with one of the referees at his last billiard tournament. As a result of that incident, Yiyang was banned from any game for a year. Being stubborn, Yiyang decided to quit the game altogether, despite his love for his sports, and pursued his study abroad, where he met Guo on that stormy night. Neither Yiyang know that Guo is Meng Xiaodong’s cousin. Meng Xiaodong was also Mr He's student at the same time when Yiyang was training at Mr He’s club.

Yiyang always tried to help Guo with her training, as well as took her for some sightseeing around the famous places, even though Yiyang was very busy with his study and work. On one occasion when they were out and about, Guo asked Yiyang why he didn't continue to do nine-ball pro game. Yiyang said that he didn't care anymore about being number one world ranking and didn't tell the truth that he argued with Guo’s mum about who time was his match referee.

After her competition finished, Guo had to go back to China and prepare herself for another round of world competitions. Yiyang decided to go back to China as well, despite his PhD nomination being approved. Not only that, Yiyang decided to go back to the nine-ball pro game to prove himself to Guo’s family and also to win money from competitions.

If you like billiards or want to find out more about this game, this 30-episode drama will have lots of tips and amazing tricks to show you. Besides filming in China, half of this drama is located in Finland, although they didn't use the real name of the location. Most of the shooting was in Helsinki, but they changed the city name to Hel. Even so, you can see a lot of beautiful landscapes around Finland. If you like Wu Lei acting, you can also watch him in a TV series drama, Love Like the Galaxy .



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