American Mary - Film Review

American Mary - Film Review


Posted 2012-11-19 by Alexander Dermerfollow
The body modifiers answer to Shortbus. Have fun.

The tale of American Mary follows the life of a highly intelligent, and financially struggling medical student, Mary Mason. As Mary slowly becomes more detached from the idea as a future surgeon, she soon begins to seek work elsewhere. However whilst on the hunt for an alternative career path, Mary soon finds herself sucked back into the world of surgery; only this time, it's not conventional.

As much as I significantly praise Dead Hooker In A Trunk for being a fine tribute to the grind-house genre and remaining relentlessly entertaining at that, The Twisted Twin's production of American Mary is likely to leave you gob smacked of how far they've come.

This time The Soska Sisters have decided to down play their somewhat signature use of in your face exploitation, camp, and downright maliciousness; whilst steering towards a more sly and self restrained vein of horror. However do not let this sudden change of skin fool you, because if one thing is for sure about this sultry blood thirsty duo, is that they don't plan to tame themselves down anytime soon. Don't believe me? Try asking the guy at the Luna Leederville screening who cried whilst causing a row of seats to shake.

With a professionally stylish direction, masterfully framed cinematography, and an insightfully sharp witted screenplay; American Mary is an unnerving treasure that is near guaranteed to please all who know what they're in for (at least to some degree). If you enjoy you're thrills and chills being just as deliciously nasty as they are downright hilarious, then this outstanding effort from The Soska Sisters will leave you cheering long after the end credits run.

Aside from it's exceptional creative and technical aspects, the all-round cast performance in American Mary is well worth writing home about. Especially that of jaw dropping eye candy, Katherine Isabelle, who always seems to outdo herself no matter what the role, helps drive this prodigious feature with her remorseless presence and oozing sexuality.

Jen and Sylvia Soska have certainly snatched up horror by the balls this time, and they seem to deem no fear in giving it a little twist. In fact at the rate these sick sisters are going, modern cinema just may need to grow a new pair.


OFLC (Office of Film and Literature Classification) rating:

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