AMC Jazz Sessions at The Goodwood Institute

AMC Jazz Sessions at The Goodwood Institute


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Fri 29 May 2015

The Adelaide Music Collective (AMC) with its wide variety of musical sessions is proving to be a popular rendezvous for music lovers and fellow musicians because it embrasses all types of music. Over the last 12 months the AMC in conjunction with the SA Music Hall of Fame (SAMHF) has hosted a variety of programs honouring local popular, rock, country and blues artists who have received national and international recognition.

The next program, The Jazz Sessions will be pay tribute to an extraordinary gathering of high achieving Jazz legends, many of whom are still performing. The host for the evening, TV celebrity and well-known Trad Jazz player, Keith Conlon, will induct the first five Jazz musicians into the SAMHF. They include Mike Stewart (posthumously), Bob Jeffery, Hall Hall, Bob Hower and Bill Polain into the SA Music Hall of Fame (SAMHF). Jeffery has been well estalished in the Adelaide Jazz fraternity since the late 1950's. Hall and Hower were instrumental in setting up the Jazz Course at the Elder Conservatorium in the late 1970's. Polain is a well known highly acclaimed Trad Jazz player around Adelaide and has been around for what seems like for-ever.

Following in the tradition of the late David 'Daisy' Day's" entertaining 'Up Close and Personal' Q&A , Keith is bound to encounter some wonderful entertaining stories from our inductees being a vital part of Adelaide's Underground Jazz scene in the 1950's and 60's.

We may hear about those lively times when Adelaide jazz musicians played in a number of thriving city night clubs including The Cellar in Twin Street, the Moulin Rouge, The Paprika, Buccaneer and the Bay Ganew in downtown Hindley Street. Some Jazz members were also members of local rock bands, and it was quite common for young rock musicians to attend the clubs, after their gig was over, to merge with the Jazz musicians to experience and enjoy their Jazz performances.

Clubs like The Cellar in Twin Street was jammed packed every night, providing live Jazz on week nights and Blues on the weekends.

Imagine smoke-filled rooms and no legal alcohol being served after six o'clock in the pubs and clubs. As long as you had the meal you had to have, somewhere, somehow, somebody placed some spirits in your coffee or some bubbly in your cup, while you were entertained with some of the finest jazz in the country, played by musicians such as, Roger Frampton, Bob Jeffery, Ted Neddlbeck, Hall Hall, Billy Ross, Trevor Ross, David Camp, Bill Polain. It was a good scene, often referred to as the Beatnik era by those who were so 'cool man...'

The AMC Jazz Sessions offers a fantastic evening program of musical performances presenting the big band arrangement of Just Friends, with openings for solos from other musicians who wish to join in. These spontaneous sessions often unite the upcoming artists with Yesterday's Heroes to provide memorable performances that truly make these evenings outstanding.

& #9654 ; Mike Stewart Big Band performing at Central Park North - - YouTube

The New Cabal perform spontaneously "with an overall feeling of not knowing what is going to happen next..."

The New Cabal - performing Blues for Mike.

The Marmalade Trio rendition of Careless Whisper was done in Latin beat, impromptu. (Singing the lyrics almost done in a whisper... hehehe... the rule was no English songs for the night).

Founder and Organiser of AMC, Enrico Morena has recently returned from London where he inducted Robert Stigwood, Australian music entrepreneur and impresario, best known for managing Cream and The Bee Gees, into the SA Music Hall of Fame. Looks like AMC and SAMHF are gearing up for more exciting sessions later in the year.

If you love music and haven't attended an AMC Session yet, give yourself a real treat and get along and experience some great music and a good time in a friendly environment. At the same time you will be supporting our local musicians and will be helping develop further our South Australian music industry.

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