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If you've longed for an authentic hammam service but can't quite make it to Turkey or Morocco, look no further than Amara Wellness Centre, which is located on Sydney Road in Brunswick. As well as traditional hammams, the centre offers ranges of other services including chiropractic care, wellness consultations, facials and massage. I first experienced a hammam in Morocco several years ago and was thrilled to learn I could get one here in Melbourne.

Dr Zara Celik is the Director and Creator of the centre and her background in Health Science and Complementary Medicine along with her Turkish heritage gives you an authentic traditional hammam experience.

From the moment you walk into the tranquil centre you immediately feel like you have escaped suburbia. The decor within the centre is exquisite - gorgeous brass tea sets and stunning light features make for a luxurious setting. It is clear that Zara wants to give her clients a truly authentic experience, which she does to perfection. "When I returned to Istanbul I fell in love with the domed ceilings, exquisite interiors, heated marble slabs and steamy rooms of the famous Hammam's of Turkey, and I knew I had to somehow bring this ritual into my life again and allow my children to experience something that was so culturally important to me. I also wanted to share this unique, wellness Hammam experience with everybody, in a way that would be authentic and organic." says Dr Zara Celik

Inspired by Ancient Bathing Rituals all the therapists are trained by Dr Zara to ensure authenticity. The Hammam is a hot steam hydrotherapy treatment, which has numerous healing properties, which help to increase energy levels, detoxify your body and give you an overall sense of calm.

Upon arriving I was shown around the centre by Zara who performed my hammam. She escorted me to the relaxation area and went through the procedure. Here she gave me the opportunity to ask questions and bring up any concerns.

From there I changed into a silk/cotton wrap, which Zara just brought back from Turkey. The stunning wraps are handmade and hand loomed and "made with love" according to Zara.

Prior to my private Hammam, (I opted for the Authentic Moroccan Hammam which goes for 90 minutes), I had a warm shower and then relaxed in the steam for around 30 minutes. This can be tailored to your needs – Zara will ask how you are going and bring in some much needed cold water as it does get quite hot in there.
After a little time, Zara came back in and used a Kessa glove to cleanse and exfoliate my skin. The Kessa is a traditional exfoliation glove that feels incredible on your skin.

The next step of the hammam is the Savon Noir, (black soap made from olive oil), which makes for a relaxing massage. Once your therapist washes off the soap, a mineral rich Rhassoul Clay is applied to your entire body and face. The clay mask is imported from the Moroccan mountains and feels amazing as it draws out the toxins from your body. As an added bonus to my already luxurious treatment, Zara applied argan oil and mask to my hair. The products were by Phyts, which I was pleased to learn was certified organic and left my hair feeling well nourished for days after the treatment.

After a little more time relaxing in my private hammam, I showered and was invited back into the relaxation area where a platter of snacks and tea awaited me. It was much appreciated as I was starving by the end of it. Be sure to have a light meal before your Hammam as the steam can leave you feeling a little depleted.

Zara was a sensational therapist and continually asked me how I was doing in order to tailor the treatments to my specific needs. As a chiropractor, she was able to offer many insights and it's clear she loves what she is doing. Her extraordinary hammam has been beautifully created with a lot of love and years of tradition.

Overall, it was a relaxing and nourishing experience for both my body and mind. Well worth it – if you want to spoil someone special in your life, this is a must!

Some of the treatments available at Amara Wellness Centre:

Steam Therapy | Kessa Exfoliation | Luxurious Soap Massage | Rhassoul Clay | Hydration Massage | Refreshments
Dissolve into the ambience of the steaming hammam, before receiving an invigorating full body Kessa scrub and a pampering Savon Noir soap massage, which prepares the body for the healing properties of the warm Rhassoul clay. You are left to drift and dream and after some time a relaxing shower is followed by the application of aromatic oil to leave skin silky smooth and completely nourished.

Pamper 'Add On' Therapies

Note: These additional indulgences are performed in the Hammam steam room.

Hair & Scalp Treatment | 15mins | $45
Nourishing Argan oil is massaged into the scalp and a conditioning masque is applied to the hair.

Mini Facial | 15mins | $45
Refresh tired skin with a facial cleanse, compress, exfoliation, face masque and moisturiser.

Foot Pumice | 15mins | $45
Revive tired feet with a vigorous foot pumicing to remove hard skin and calluses on soles and heels.

Indian Head Massage | 30mins | $75
Your hammam journey begins with the addition of this deeply relaxing head massage, which is performed using warm argan oil and a conditioning hair masque whilst seated in the steaming hammam.

Foot Reflex Massage | 30mins | $75
Following your luxurious soap massage, specific attention is paid to the reflex points on your feet. The silky slip of the soap combined with the foot massage provides a deeply satisfying indulgence for tired feet.

Luxurious Soap Massage | 30mins | $85
Once your silky soft soap massage begins you will wish it never ends. Your skilled therapist will spend more time relieving areas of tightness and tension so that you are left even more relaxed than you can imagine.

Hot Stone Massage | 30mins | $85
Slippery black soap and hot stones combine to offer an exquisite massage experience to relieve tired and tense muscles and relax the mind.

Amara Wellness Centre, Level 1 Suite 3, 597-601 Sydney Road, Brunswick, Victoria, 3056, Australia 03 9388 2828

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