Alone During The Holidays

Alone During The Holidays


Posted 2020-11-19 by Leiann Lynn Rose Spontaneofollow
The holidays are coming up. This is a time for celebration commonly spent with loved ones. This is a time for food, fellowship and fun. However, there are those of us who are going to spend it alone. However, such people do not have to feel alone. You can be by yourself yet still celebrate. The following is a list of ways to keep yourself company.

Favorite food
One may have a certain dish only prepared on special occasions. Why not make your favorite dish for the holidays!

If you are a man, put on a nice and comfortable outfit, shave, put on a little aftershave or cologne. If you are a woman, put on a little make-up, fix your hair, spray a little perfume and put on a nice and comfortable outfit. You should paint your nails.

Call up some family and friends who you have not spoken to or seen in a good while.

You could put on some music. Get into the spirit with Christmas carols.

Do you know a local church or another place in the community holding free holiday dinners? Ask if they need some help in the kitchen.

Random Act of Kindness
There are hundreds of charities needing money, such as Salvation Army, No Kid Hungry, etc. Look up their websites or addresses. Also, there are boxes out in the community businesses asking to donate presents, such as toys, clothes, etc. Another random act of kindness could be baking cookies to give to the mail lady/man, neighbors, etc.

Maybe there is another person who is going to be alone for the holiday, for example, your pastor or a person without family nearby.

If you do not know how to already, take up a new hobby. You could color some adult coloring books, make a few wreaths, etc.

New Year's Resolution
Think really hard about your new resolution. Do something other than "lose weight". Make your resolution something unique to you.

Having total comfort is kind-of like hygge. Light some candles, lay on some comfy cushions, cover yourself with some blankets and have some warm drinks, such as eggnog, wine or coffee. If you like to read, grab a book.

Make sure you buy yourself some gifts! Wrap them up also! Place them underneath your tree.

Put some essential oil in a diffuser and make your home smell lovely. The scent helps with how you are feeling. For example, when I feel stressed, I use rose essential oil in my diffuser.

Would you like a new occupation? Why not look for an online occupation? These are hot because of the Coronavirus. A good place to search is on Use the term "work from home".

Being alone over the holidays is not all that bad. I, myself, am going to be alone. However, I am still going to party. I am going to prepare my favorite dish and some mocktails.

If you just want to be lazy and do nothing, that is still okay. It is your holiday, so have it your way. Maybe a little "retail therapy" could be something to look forward to. Remember there are all of those after Christmas sales! Do some Christmas shopping for next year!

Maybe you might not spend the holidays alone, but know someone who is - perhaps you can kindly share this article. Message me if this article has helped you in any way. I would love to know!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and Christmas. Know that you are not going to be the only one alone, if that makes you feel comforted.

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