Allambee Park, Sandringam

Allambee Park, Sandringam


Posted 2015-06-27 by Jacquifollow

Unless you are a Sandringham local, it is unlikely that you would have heard of Allambee Park (aka the Truck Park). I stumbled upon this place about a year ago, when I was driving around the streets, desperately trying to get my son to sleep.

I drove past an empty, peaceful looking park and decided to do a U-turn to check it out. Turns out that it was the best U-turn that I've ever made.

As we entered, my son's eyes widened in amazement. Scattered throughout the play equipment, sandpit and open fields, were trucks. Dozens of them. All types and of splendid colours: yellow, blue, green, even pink; diggers, ride-ons, pick-ups, police vehicles, and much to my son's delight, a Thomas ride on bike.

I was enchanted; yet suspicious. I had never seen anything like it. How could there be so many free-standing, loose toys that hadn't been stolen? Was it a test? Was I being watched to see if I would steal one? It's a shame that those were my first thoughts; I just didn't know what the catch was. It's so rare these days to have this type of a public honesty system. It was such a pleasant surprise.

The park itself is also pretty spectacular. It has all your standard play equipment; slides, swings, see saw, climbing equipment and a fireman pole. The sandpit is bursting with trucks.

What my son especially enjoyed, was the little hill directly above the sandpit that he could ride one of the many vehicles up and down.

There's plenty of open space for kicking the footy around or a game of cricket. The many leafy green trees provide plenty of shade to rest under; picnic tables and park benches are also sprinkled throughout. It is very tranquil with its lush surroundings and we have usually had the place to ourselves.

This unique park is definitely worth a visit; for a bit of the extraordinary to your standard. Just try and wipe the smile off your child's face! (Once you manage to tear them away that is1)

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