'All About E' Advance Screening at New Farm Cinemas

'All About E' Advance Screening at New Farm Cinemas


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Mon 23 Nov 2015 - Wed 25 Nov 2015

Briefly! All About E. If you like a movie about gangsters, road trips, searching for a long lost love, being chased by gangsters, traveling across Australia, then you will enjoy this movie. It's not just a movie for lesbians. It has a love story, a story of friendship, and there are a few graphic girl on girl scenes. Did I mention that E finds a large bag of money, which belongs to some gangsters, and they want their money back?

All About E deals with many issues that the young DJ is facing in her life. She is a lesbian, and feels she cannot "come out" and tell her family she is a lesbian, as her immigrant parents would be disappointed in her.

E works as a DJ as she cannot make a career out of being a clarinet player.

As the movie unravels, we discover that E has many complex issues she is dealing with. Her relationship with her ex-girlfriend Trish ended due to the strain of E trying to keep her parents happy.

E and her Irish friend Matt hit the road. Along the way they stop in at Trish's and Trish puts them up for the night. There is a long and sensuous lesbian sex scene.

Of course the baddies are in the background, chasing E and Matt, trying to recover their money. Trish is dragged in to help E and Matt escape.

What happens next? I want to know what happens next so I'll be sure to watch the movie when it airs in Brisbane.

All About E is written and directed by Louise Wadley

All About E is showing in Brisbane for three days only. It will be aired at New Farm and Indooroopilly Cinemas, from 23rd to 25th November. Tickets are $25.00 per person.

About New Farm Cinemas, New Farm

The corner of Brunswick Street, New Farm Corner was originally occupied by other theatres before evolving into the New Farm Cinema complex. The corner has been occupied by theatres of different names and styles since 1921. There were the historic picture theatres, the original open air Merthyr and the Astor. More recently it was held by Village Twin.

Now that the complex is being run as the New Farm Cinema complex, the building boasts six state of the art theatres. There is the famous Purple Room (named the Purple Room for its purple-hued walls) which dates back to the 1970s, when theatre goers enjoyed classic blockbusters like Jaws and Grease.

The Purple Room has been heritage listed. It seats 205 people, with modern comfort and luxuries such as surround sound, screen channel speakers, subwoofers and Class D amplifiers. The Purple Room has been restored to its former glory, yet has lots of modern benefits to the theatre audience.

The 70 seat Bronze Room features the latest projection technology, and has rows of bean bags added to the front of the theatre (as does the Purple Room) for casual movie viewing and as a treat for children. The foyer outside these two cinemas features the original, spectacular 1970 glass chandelier, which has been restored to its former glory.

The cinema complex features retro carpets remade to the original 1970 patterns, and vintage film posters and other memorabilia. There is a 1901 silent film projector, the original timber trusses from the 1920s are visible - they still provide part of the roof support. The Blue Room is not a part of the theatre complex anymore, however its entry doors have been refashioned into tables at the bar.

Movie goers can relax before a movie, play a few arcade games, or have a drink in the Purple Lounge. Try a movie inspired cocktail, order a gelato from the Scoop Station or try a boutique coffee from Artisan Roasters.

The New Farm Cinema complex opened in August 2014, with two cinemas operational - the Purple Room and the Bronze Room. There are also 2 small gold class style 30 seat theatrettes upstairs, and the rear Blue Room and Red Room theatres - seating 100 people each, opened at the end of 2014.

When New Farm Cinemas opened in August 2014 the main 2 cinemas (The Purple Room and the Bronze Room) were operational, while 2 small gold class style 30 seat theatrettes upstairs and the rear Blue and Red Rooms (100 seaters) were due to open by the end of 2014.

You can join the Purple Club for discounts on all movies, all sessions. Ask about Purple Club membership while you're there, watching All About E.

All About E - Advanced Screenings of this wonderful movie will be held in Brisbane. Check out the dates and theatres below.

The Brisbane Premiere will be at New Farm Cinemas – Monday November 23rd 7.00pm.
Then at Indooroopilly Cinema – Tuesday November 24th 6:45pm.
The last screening in Brisbane will be at Palace Centro, Fortitude Valley - Wednesday November 25th 7.00pm.

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