Alfred Road, Lilydale

Alfred Road, Lilydale


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Alfred Road starts at the roundabout at Swansea and Hereford Roads. At the corner is a medical centre incorporating a medical clinic, pharmacy, clinical labs blood testing site and physiotherapy.

It’s a well-established area of large blocks with lots of front fences, picket, wire, wood and a couple of wire gates.

Roses were the dominant species of flowers with many magnificent specimens flowering for our enjoyment. My pace is such that I do stop to smell the roses.

Two varieties of bottlebrush were seen, but only one grevillea bush.

Many magpies were observed, on grass, in trees and on overhead wires. Other birds seen were some noisy miners, a raven, and a mudlark.

I noticed many Mexican sage bushes, which are part of the salvia genus.

Part of Alfred Road is elevated giving some distant views.

A Chinese abelia was an interesting plant.

A nice garden ornament was a mid-garden arch and planter boxes and a nearby garden seat. A bird bath and bird feeder rounded out the garden ornaments.

Alfred Road is only 400 mt. (Melway map 38G.6) and ends at an entrance to the Warburton Trail.

It then turns right and brings you to Burton Road.

Other birds seen were some noisy miners, a raven, and a mudlark all along Burton Road, as was a curious currawong.

Burton Road runs into Old Gippsland Road. Another right turn here brings you back to Alfred Road completing a 800 metre walk.

Along Old Gippsland Road I photographed a patch of purple petunias, an unidentified pink flower, and a daisy or two.

A white cockatoo sitting on a tree stump in the distance caught my eye and I carefully stalked it until it came into camera range. It was a metal cocky.

When I started this walk, I saw a man looking at me from a window. When I arrived back at Alfred Road he was still there. My telephoto lens identified him as a cardboard cutout.

Walkers were seen on all three streets.

A close inspection of a small garden at the medical centre revealed some interesting buds ready to flower, some had revealed themselves as iris flowers.

This is a pleasant circuit walk, encompassing three streets.

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