New Aldi Opens in Box Hill South

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Posted 2013-03-03 by Nadine Cresswell-Myattfollow
Perhaps there is no reason for my delirium as Aldi supermarkets are popping up everywhere.

But this one has been a long time coming.

I know because I live in the area and have been waiting, waiting, waiting.

The original plans for the supermarket sparked a local residents' backlash in 2009 over parking issues and the prospect of a neon sign.

These problems have since been resolved and the new Aldi arose rapidly near the corner of Canterbury Road and Station Street. It opened on February 26th.

Thank goodness, because if there were 130 objections, there were thousands more people, such as myself, who are sick of the big two supermarkets commandeering the market and then reducing their stock lines, so there is such limited choice.

Aldi brings some welcome relief with its range of local and overseas foodstuff which are excellent value for the price and increasingly winning awards in all kinds of categories.

It is really about everyday basics. For example for school lunches they sell a pack of 6 sultanas boxes for $1.79, some fruit for as low as 99c a kilo, 500 grams of cheese slices for $2.99 and good bread for $1.49.

They also throw in some gourmet food every week at good prices except you never know what it will be so you are always surprised. For example last time I bought some French ground coffee and I wish I had bought ten of them as it was sensational.

I don't normally succumb to what I term, the man trap, in the centre of the store . But I did walk out with a TV today.

It was $99 for a 60 cm (24 inch) for an LCD with built in DVD. An opening special. Bliss my own TV, just in time to save me from the male members of my family's obsession with football. Paradise here I come.

And I've got a funny feeling I saw a few local residents walking out with huge flat screens under their arms as well.

And I should really thank them for finally allowing an Aldi into the area. We will all save heaps and their house values will soar!

Never thought I'd be pushing a Current Affair segment but here goes. At least they recognise us common folk like to save money.

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