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Posted 2015-07-06 by Caroleannfollow

Sat 04 Jul 2015 - Sun 12 Jul 2015

Akio is a production that will appeal to the younger generation, as well as the whole family. It centres on a shy young boy, who escapes his reality through his fascination of video games.
There is an interesting twist as Akio is transported into one of the video games he is playing. When Harumi, a lovely young girl who has won Akio's heart is kidnaped by a villain, Akio has to save her and their adventure begins. Here they experience all sorts of terrifying situations and have to find their way back to safety.
[BREAK]Akio has to use all his inner strength to rescue Harumi from these monsters and bullies. He becomes a hero in his own right as his character becomes stronger through his actions in the face of adversity.
Akio is showing at the Hayes Theatre Company which was previously known as the Darlinghurst Theatre Company. It had a make over in 2013 and reopened as the Hayes Theatre Company. It is now an attractive modern theatre showing a variety of productions.The Blue Theatre Company is also involved in the production of Akio! One of the things that attracted me to review this play was the moral code it reflects.The Blue Theatre Company offers the audience a refreshing look at sensitive subject matter. This is part of their philosophy to educate through theatre. This production demonstrates how to approach the situation with insight and a positive attitude and how to rise above negative situations and turn them around.
I attended the opening performance of Akio! The sets were bright and made for a cheerful setting. All of the performers were skilled in dance and acrobatics and the pace was lively. This is true family entertainment.The audio and visual effects, along with the voice that talks the audience through the story is impressive.
All the actors did well in their performances. Ellie May was very entertaining in her role as Tanuki. She was funny and had a natural flair to communicate emotion to the audience. I managed to get a photo of Ellie at the after party of Aiko.
Kevin Clayette was believable as Akio. He had a refreshing innocence about him but also showed a professional maturity in his role. Demitra Alexandria played her character of Harumi with great realism.Another performer who impressed and amused me in her role as Jerogumo was Chanelle Freeland. Her facial make up was very artistic and her tall slim body moved with great agility. She has the grace of a professional dancer.
Akio! is a very physical theatre piece. There is Japanese mythology mixed into the meaning of the plot. Take your children to Aiko! It lifts the spirit and sends a very positive message to the young and the young at heart.

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