Akademi Kristus, Sanur

Akademi Kristus, Sanur


Posted 2019-09-02 by Gerri Sfollow
I first discovered Akademi Kristus as they kindly started running Jujitsu classes for 3-5 year olds. But after our first visit, I was so moved by what this place was really about, I had to share.

So firstly, a quick note about the class side of the club. It's located towards to north of Sanur on the west side of the bypass. There is only room for a few cars to park on the road outside but plenty of room for mopeds should you choose to drive yourself. If you want to try out either Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or boxing then be sure to check out their timetable online. They offer classes for children and adults. And as I mentioned they have just started a NEW tots class. I have to say the class my toddler does and the following 5 year old and above one, are delivered in such a professional and fun way. They are designed to encourage discipline and respect, together with learning new skills in a fun and stress-free environment.

The uniform or 'gi' is provided by the centre if you don't have one. And, of course, they have basic facilities and even a few toys that the toddlers enjoy playing with after their lesson.

The other side of Akademi Kristus is a not for profit project – Arms of Love. Its aim is to change the lives of local children through martial arts, education and creative art. And in time lead to improving their quality of life.

It may be a side of Bali that we don't always think about; a million miles away from the glitz, glamour, fun and surf. But there are a lot of children, believed to be 50% of Balinese families, that live in poverty. Surviving on just $2 a day. This group offers English and math lessons for free. Together with instilling confidence, fitness, self-worth and discipline through marital arts. And of course, the creative art side helps the children learn while expressing their selves and offers them a real escape from their day-to-day life.

Together with all this the group also helps fund specialist teachers to provide education for people with a disability, meaning they try to be as inclusive as possible.

This place is well worth a visit. Simply by attending a class you are helping yourself but also the community as a whole.

For more information check out their social media or website.

If your toddler is coming to join the lesson, drop me a comment so I can keep an eye out for you.

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