Air Juan Flights Between Siquijor and Cebu

Air Juan Flights Between Siquijor and Cebu


Posted 2018-02-28 by Camillefollow
Last month a couple of our friends tied the knot in Boracay, Philippines (more on that in another review), and we knew we had to get to Cebu from Siquijor quickly, but how?

Looking online, it's hard to pass by the info that there's a direct flight to Cebu from Siquijor and vice versa, and if we didn't have friends & family tell us about Air Juan , we probably wouldn't have any idea about it. What a shame if we hadn't heard about it. For one thing it cuts the usual travel time by boat and bus of between four to even six hours, to only 40 minutes. I can imagine how much time this would have saved us when we travelled from Australia to The Philippines, planning to go to Siquijor to see friends and family. Travelling between Cebu and Siquijor can be a real pain, and while it's beautiful to see the passing scenery, it's even more beautiful from the air.

We were treated to beautiful aerial views of Siquijor Island and the surrounding islands. The view is breathtaking, and you can truly be inspired and in awe as you see the landscape taking shape from high up above - it's like a different reality to the one we view from land. The turquoise waters twinkle in the sunlight, and invite you to explore them next time you're on the ground. The palm trees and coconut trees that flank the islands lend to the lush look that all the islands around here have. It's so interesting to see the mysterious rock formations of different cliffs on the islands. I remember thinking the artist in me had so much to feast her eyes on.

The pilots and crew on ground are very friendly and you are surely in safe hands. Taking off is somewhat surreal and you're up in the air in no time. The 40 minute trip passes by fast and before you know it, you're already preparing for landing.

Ticket prices are really value for money and I cannot believe you can fly with a near-private jet (max 9 passengers) for equal or even less than the price of taking the boat to the same destination.

I highly recommend Air Juan, if you're planning to travel between Siquijor and Cebu, there's really no question about what is the best way to get there. They have a regular flight schedule, which, at the time we travelled was every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday, I've heard they plan to organise more flights.You can book tickets online to save time, catch an early bird ticket and plan ahead.

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