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MU Gelato


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A new gelato trend is drawing the attention along the Italian coast and inner city centres. If you spot a full-size white and green cow posing in a window, that's the right place I am talking about. Announced as a new idea in the Italian gelato industry, MU is a chain that attracts customers for its colourfulness and the sense of being in a dreamy place.

The mission of the company is to offer a variety of gelato flavours looking after the needs of those people dedicated to a natural life style. Thus, no GMO ingredients, preservatives and colorants are present in the products. Fresh and genuine raw materials are used, following the natural cycle of seasons.

What's the fun? You are the maker of your own gelato; it's a DIY project! In fact, you pay the cup or the cone based on the weight of gelato and toppings you choose.

For summer 2014 fruit granita (the Italian Slurpee) is also available at MU's shops, under the registered name of sMUthies.

In the Pordenone corner, you'll find only eight flavours, but you can have more of them in the other selling points . I personally tried hazelnut and pineapple and I guarantee they were 100% fresh. My friend, who is a chef, tried pistachio and hazelnut as well and he said they were genuine too.

We could not ignore the toppings bench, popping up with all those brilliant colours. It took a while to choose the right extra garnish. I went for candied orange and flakes with chocolate plus Nutella cream. My friend chose whipped cream and raspberry syrup.

Eventually, the scale! We weight all and we paid around € 14. Well, it is not really cheap, but here we are keen on and appreciate good quality on things and, especially, on food.

If you are passionate about balloons, you can have yours in this place. Three kids dropped in just to have theirs, and the shop girl gave them one each very kindly. When I took a picture of the balloons stand, she was blowing the rest up. I believe balloons play a key role in the MU advertising too!

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