An Afternoon with Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn

An Afternoon with Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn


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Sat 27 May 2017

Two of the biggest names to have ever graced the silver screen will be dazzling audiences again soon. Those 'Golden age of Hollywood' Goddesses Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn will be starring from 11am on 27th of May at Metro Arts' Lumen Room. No, we haven't finally discovered a time machine. The ladies will be appearing on the big screen in some of their classic films.

This special movie retrospective has been designed to celebrate the birthdays of these two actresses who redefined the way we think about sex appeal and glamour.

[b]Fun Fact! Marilyn Monroe's birthday is June 1st and if she were still with us today, she'd be turning 92![/b]

The program begins with sex bomb Marilyn Monroe in [i]The Prince and the Showgirl[/i]. This classic tale of seduction and political intrigue also stars acclaimed actor Laurence Olivier as the eponymous Prince. Though it was made in 1957, its themes still hold up today. It's positively delightful to watch how Marilyn's character plays a player at his own game.

Following Marilyn's romantic comedy, you'll see Audrey Hepburn in [i]Love in the Afternoon[/i] screening from 1pm. This film also hails from 1957 and is considered to be one of director and writer Billy Wilder's best movies. The romantic comedy delves into themes of trust and infidelity, lies and double-standards. It's genuinely funny and includes a pitch perfect performance from Audrey Hepburn. Probably the only thing that will really gall modern audiences is the age difference between the romantic leads.

The third act in this retrospective begins at 3.15pm. It is another Hepburn classic [i]The Children's Hour[/i]. This dramatic and heart-wrenching film from 1961 features some superb acting from Audrey and the cast - especially Shirley MacLaine. It deals with the fallout caused by a young woman who spreads a rumour that the headmistresses at her boarding school are in an 'unnatural relationship'.

At 5.15pm Audrey stars again, this time as a blind woman who is terrorised by thugs in [i]Wait Until Dark[/i]. Hepburn was nominated for an Academy Award for her role in this film which revolves around undesirable characters searching for a doll stuffed with drugs.

To round out the evening with a va-va-voom, a special encore screening of [i]The Prince and the Showgirl[/i] will play from 7pm. The Marilyn Monroe classic is celebrating its 60th anniversary.

It's amazing when you consider how very appropriate and meaningful all of the featured movies are to this date. Perhaps it's not just the appeal of the admittedly beautiful starlets that has led to these films being called classic. If you've never seen them, here's your chance to experience them the way they should be viewed - on the big screen. For fans of Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe, the event is sure to be an unmissable treat.

You can purchase tickets for one, two or all of the movies and really make an afternoon and evening of classics. There are specials available for viewers who want to see more than one film, with tickets starting at just $10.

Metro Arts is easy to find on Edward Street in the city and there's plenty of paid parking options and public transport on offer to get you there. The Lumen Room's snack bar prices are reasonable and it's got a tasty range of food and drink from which to choose. It's newly refurbished so rather more comfortable than some people may remember it having been in days gone by.

Sometimes these events sell out, so I'd recommend booking in advance if you definitely want to attend. You can book or find out more about this and other great events, right here.

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