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Posted 2022-04-08 by Gail Clifford MDfollow

Karibu Sana …

One of the first phrases we learned on arrival in Tanzania was thank you very much, "Asante sana." And one of the phrases we heard most frequently from our hosts along our safari route was "Karibu Sana," you are most welcome here.

We felt most welcome at the African Tulip Hotel , chosen by our tour operator, Focused Escapes , for both arriving and departing hotel before and after our safari in Tanzania with Top Guides Safaris , the African Tulip Hotel is a welcoming refuge on either side of your trip.

When you arrive after a lengthy flight, you're grateful for the western world comforts, with on-suite bathrooms and comfortable beds, water tanks in each room that supply both hot and cold water for drinking, plus a small refrigerator and television that includes six English speaking channels. The welcoming staff will assist you in getting your luggage up the flights of stairs, which is necessary as no elevator is available. There are handicapped accessible rooms on the first level.

After the staff assist you with getting your bags to your room, we were on the third floor in room 26, overlooking the pool, take the time to freshen up and wander around the hotel. If you're hungry, they have a restaurant where you can sit in the club like area on the ground level of the hotel or in a smaller bar area by the pool.

As I traveled with my daughter, we received a bedroom with two beds, one twin and one single. With wildebeest art on the walls. The tea cabinet was well situated with glasses mugs and a selection of tea. The desk space was excellent for working at the computer, with easy access to outlets, which also included USB ports for anyone who had forgotten the country adapter. our favorite spot though was the window seat period while we initially used it for unpacking our luggage, both my daughter and I spent several hours.

Upon entry to the hotel, you'll see enormous prints consistent with the area with a large trifold zebra and leopard prints above the dining area, a tree that may be an Acacia trunk that appears to grow into the first mezzanine and a gift shop that includes souvenirs that the gentleman behind the counter may have made himself.

To the right of entry, find the reception desk which includes a concierge on the left and a cashier on the right. If there's a wait, sit in the comfortable intricately carved wood chairs with zebra pillows.

Or go just a few steps further into we're past the lobby and on the right-hand side just past the stairs, you'll see a lending library with three shelves of books and another shelf of games for your leisure. There's a comfortable sofa to curl up on right there, just remember to turn on the light.

Walk further still and to the right, you'll see the hallway leading to the first-floor rooms but goes straight ahead and down the trellis lined vine laden trellis path to the swimming pool. The path to the left leads to a conference room but the path ahead is to the pool with 4 tables served from the bar outside, the bar has four bar stools and three separate seating areas.

To the left of the pool are two elephants that I'm told can shoot water at you. That feature was not running while we visited.

Looking up, we could see our room in the middle highest level, as we spotted some books that we left on the window seat. Depending on this season you may just want to dunk your feet in this unheated pool or jump in to help beat the African heat.

Breakfast is complimentary and at least, for the buffet breakfast, remember a few dollars to tip your server who will clear your plates and bring you additional drinks. It's a fairly typical breakfast with a variety of bread, luncheon meats, and eggs and a chef will make omelettes to order.

In the main dining space is another piece of tree art that looks almost as much like the backside of an elephant as it does a tree with multiple branches rising to the ceiling and roots are painted into the floor.

The artwork in this hotel is especially nice as it is so in keeping with your purpose for being here, all about nature, animals, beautiful photos on each level of the staircase and as art for the walls on each floor, and if you spectacularly well-done pictures of native peoples.

One of my favorite photos is the painted zebra.

And metal ostrich in the dining area.

While it is not recommended to walk further than a couple of blocks, especially with anything of value on your person, you can arrange for a driver, even your own tour guide to take you around Arusha to specialty shops, farmers' markets or the best bazaars in the area for shopping.

We especially appreciated the ability to purchase day use of the room prior to our late departure from Kilimanjaro. While some travelers chose a spa closer to the airport to purchase a day pass, we enjoyed a day of reading, pool time, and summer breezes before returning to the American winter in March.

If you ever go on a Tanzania safari, I recommend staying around your safari at the African Tulip Hotel. 4 Serengeti Road, Arusha

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