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Welcome to an olfactory wonderland known as Aedes de Venustas. As you enter this luxurious fragrance experience, you'll discover a world of exquisite fragrances, refined ambiance, and attentive service, celebrating the brand's Latin name, "goddess of beauty." Founded in 2011 and located in New York and California, Aedes de Venustas aims to bring beauty, joy, and elevated spirit through the art of fragrance.

Welcome to Aedes de Venustas

Stepping into Aedes de Venustas is like entering a tranquil oasis in a bustling city. Soothing scents gently envelop you as you take in the elegant d├ęcor and thoughtful displays. "Our goal was to create an environment where customers can escape the stress of everyday life and immerse themselves in the luxury of fragrance," says co-founder Mark Hernandez.

The beautifully appointed space features vaulted ceilings, marble floors, and custom furniture in rich materials like velvet and brocade. Subtle lighting and diffused music contribute to a calming ambiance. "We want people to relax and appreciate all the details without feeling rushed," Hernandez notes. "Selecting the right fragrances is a personal experience and we aim to facilitate that."

The Founders' Inspiration and Mission

Hernandez and co-founder Rodney Ramsay were inspired to open Aedes de Venustas after becoming frustrated by the impersonal fragrance shopping experiences available in America. As aficionados with a passion for European perfumery, they wanted to create an oasis focused on rare and artisanal scents.

Their mission is to share the joy and meaning behind authentic fragrance through education and carefully considered presentations. "Fragrance has influenced cultures throughout history and conveyed emotions, celebrations, and remembrances," says Ramsay. "We hope to illuminate those connections for visitors and allow them to discover scents that inspire their memories or moods."

The Shopping Experience

I. The Space
A. Stepping Inside
Entering the hushed, light-filled space of Aedes de Venustas is immediately soothing. Elegant architecture with arched doorways and coffered ceilings creates a refined backdrop. Subtle wall coverings in muted colors contribute to an atmosphere of tranquility and refined luxury.

1. Grand Architecture and Details

From the grand arched entryway to custom ceiling lighting, no detail is overlooked. A sweeping staircase leads to a welcoming lounge area accented with rich textiles. Architectural elements like arched colonnades and antique fixtures lend historic character.

B. Elevated Ambiance

1. Warmth and Calm

Light from arched windows washes the space in a gentle glow. Diffused lighting, classical music, and subtle fragrances envelop visitors in an ambiance of refined relaxation. The calm environment facilitates personal discovery.

2. Subtle Scents
Aedes de Venustas regularly changes the subtle scents diffused through the space using essential oils and fragrance blends. Floral, woody, or citrus tones subtly enhance the atmosphere without overpowering.

C. Beauty Around Every Corner

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1. Carefully Curated Products
Artful displays throughout the space showcase carefully curated products. Glass cabinets, portable ├ętalages and curving shelves display perfumes and ancillary scents against backdrops like antique maps or botanicals.

2. Artful Displays

Products are arranged with an artistic eye to enhance discovery. Changing seasonal elements like pumpkins or poinsettias accent shelves. Maps indicate perfume houses and regions for easy browsing. Staff curates new elements regularly.

II. The Scents

A. Rare and Exquisite Fragrances
1. European Perfume Houses
Aedes de Venustas is known for its selection of hard-to-find European fragrances from niche and artisanal brands. Visitors can discover luminous creations from houses like Robert Piguet, Etat Libre d'Orange, and L'Artisan Parfumeur.

2. Seasonal and Limited Editions
The collection also features limited-run scents created just for Aedes de Venustas. Popular fragrances may only be available for part of the year, imbuing each discovery with a sense of novelty. Rotating elements keep visits engaging.

B. Thoughtful Candle and Fragrance Collections

1. Unique Scent Profiles
In-house and designer candle and fragrance collections offer bespoke scent experiences. Seasonal collections capture the drama of fall or the freshness of spring through creatively blended essential oils.

2. Hand-poured and Adorned
Candles feature unique profiles, colors, and vessel designs. Many are hand-poured in-store and finished with artisanal touches like floral motifs, marbleized glass, or scented wax seals.

C. Anointing Oils, Bath Products, and More

1. Restorative Formulas
The collection includes luxurious lotions, scrubs, and bath accouterments in perfume-inspired formulations. Many feature delicate botanical blends for anti-aging, calming, or uplifting effects.

2. Luxurious Textures
Textures range from light gels to rich creams infused with nourishing oils. Scents transport bathers to faraway places through the essence of citrus, white flowers, or warm spices.

III. Customer Service

A. Knowledgeable and Attentive Associates
1. Personal Recommendations
Associates are extensively trained in the history and complexity of fragrance. They engage visitors through personalized consultations, considering notes, memories, and upcoming occasions to select just the right scent.

2. Product Demonstrations
Elements like antique strip samplers and touch-sensitive sniffing strips allow customers to fully appreciate each discovery. Associates expertly apply samples for fully immersive assessments.

B. A Hospitality Mindset

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1. Warm Welcomes
From the initial greeting to warm farewells, visitors feel cared for like honored guests. The staff aims to facilitate serene discoveries through courteous service infused with hospitality.

2. Personalized Guidance
Visits are personalized from browsing to selection. Associates consider a visitor's tastes, memories, and goals to illuminate discoveries or curate thoughtful gifts filled with meaning.

C. Delivering Joy

1. Seeing Customers Light Up
For the dedicated staff, success comes from witnessing the delight of customers falling in love with a discovery. Glowing reviews often mention friendly and passionate employees.

2. Fostering Memorable Experiences
Associates pull from their vast fragrance knowledge along with instincts to craft unforgettable encounters. Each visit aims to spark emotional connections through the art of finely crafted perfume.

IV. Presentation

A. Artistry in Packaging
1. Distinctive Branding
Unique bottles, boxes, bags, and labels showcase Aedes de Venustas' signature aesthetic. Ethereal floral motifs, celestial imagery, and metallic inks lend sophistication.

2. Protective yet Pretty Boxes and Bags
Rigid boxes and pouches shield treasures through travel. Materials like rich papers, velvets, or silks continue the luxury experience of each scent well after leaving the boutique.

B. The Perfect Parting Gift

1. Personalized Notes
Thoughtful cards or letters disclose an experience's meaning or wish the recipient joy in private moments with their gift.

2. Final Touches for Transport
Delicate ribbons, twine, or tissue imparts a sense of ceremony to the presentation. Products may be paired with extra samples allowing further exploration.

In summary, Aedes de Venustas aims to elevate the art of fragrance and delight loyal customers through rare commodities, refined presentations, and warm hospitality. By facilitating personal journeys of discovery, they spread beauty and joy through one of humanity's oldest forms of creative expression - perfume.

You can learn more about the market on their website here.


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