Where is Adelaide's Best Schnitzel

Where is Adelaide's Best Schnitzel


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They come served under many names: schnitzel, schnitty, parmi, or parma. Whatever they're called, they're still seen as one of the ultimate Australian pub meals. But, a schnitzel is not always a good schnitzel, sometimes they're shocking and sometimes they're great. So we've decided to enlist our readers' help, to try and find Adelaide's best schnitzel.

Help us by trawling through pubs, bars, restaurants, RSLs, and anywhere else that serves up a schnitty, and let us know which is Adelaide's Best.

Schnitzels in Australia, are a bit like pizza. In Italy pizzas are simple, with particular flavours but not too many toppings, but in Australia we like to pile them high. Likewise with schnitzels. Traditionally they are served with a slice of lemon and sometimes a simple sauce. In Australia we're happy to top them with anything from cheese, to pineapple, to avocado and sour cream.

If you prefer the traditional kind, then head to Hanhdorf where you can have a German schnitty at the Hahndorf Inn or the German Arms . If you're a bit closer to town then perhaps you like to visit the Adelaide German Club instead.

One place that does enjoy piling on the toppings is the Earl of Leicester . Their schnitzels poke fun at everyone from Kevin Rudd , to Tiger Woods and Shane Warne . They've got a range of toppings to suit most tastes; including kilpatrick, salami, avocado and cheese, and sour cream and sweet chilli. You can enjoy the schnitzels in either the bistro dining area, or the Liar's Bar. They're tasty, reasonably sized, and offer a bit of comic relief.

You'll find another fine schnitzel at another Earl. The Coopers Alehouse at the Earl serve their "famous 'gigantic' schnitzels". You can enjoy toppings like the mexicana with corn chips, tomato salsa, guacamole, sour cream, and mozzarella, or the maui with pineapple, salami, mild jalapeƱo peppers, and mozzarella. Like the Earl of Leicester, they have some interesting options but they may not be for everyone.

So let us know which schnitty is your favourite. Do you stick to the traditional style, or like one with all the trimmings. Is a parmi best when it comes with a bonus jug of beer, or can you appreciate a good schnitzel by itself? We need your help to find Adelaide's best.

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